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No Tintern News being produced for May

We are sorry to say that there will not be a Tintern News produced for May since the current lockdown means we can't distribute it. We hope to be back into production before too long and in the meantime we hope all our readers, both in the village and at great distances beyond, will remain safe and well.

Posted 02 May 2020
The Tintern News is a vital means of communication for the village and is delivered by volunteers to around 200 households in the area. Currently the newsletter is sponsored by the Friends of Tintern and put together every month entirely by Stephen and Sarah Adams.

All contributions are very welcome and advertising is accepted by the half or whole page. Please ensure that material is supplied for inclusion in the next month’s issue by the 26th of the current month. 

If you are organising anything in the village, if you have some family news, if you have something you’ve written as a poem or a humorous few paragraphs, or maybe you have a great recipe, do let us know!

The newsletter is a vehicle to express the opinions of the whole Tintern community and it is completely neutral. To this end it will support and promote lively debate but reserves the right to edit any contribution.

If you would like to receive a copy by email, please send your email address to Stephen and Sarah using their email link below.
Tintern News for April 2020
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Stephen and Sarah Adams