Tintern Garden Club

Garden Club update, April 2020

As reported last month, our meetings have unfortunately been cancelled until further notice. However as many of our members have gardens and the weather has been so good, we are guessing that they are taking advantage of the current situation and growing as much as they can this year. Colin, our Chairman has a few tips to help, especially those who do not usually make much use of their gardens.

1/The first is to remember that it is still only April and it is quite possible for us to have frosty nights well into May so don't be in a hurry to plant out anything that is susceptible to frost.

2/If you are growing vegetables, sow a few at a time over a few weeks so that they don't all mature together.

3/The soil has warmed up well now but may also be rather dry for seed sowing so water the furrow where you are going to plant, before you put the seeds in and keep it moist.

4/Keep an eye out for slugs, especially if it rains as they will be delighted to chew off all your lovely, new, green seedlings! Look out for slug hiding places such as under stones or pieces of wood or long grass at the edge of the bed.

5/ Things like bean and courgette seeds can be planted in pots on a windowsill or other protected place and planted out once the danger of frost has passed. The plants are then large enough to stand some chill and also are less likely to be eaten by slugs.

6/ Rabbits seem to be making a come back this year so it may be necessary to protect your plants from them.

Plant Swap Shop
It quite often happens that when we grow plants, we end up with more than we need. If this happens to you, please bring the excess up to the vineyard and we will organise a swap shop - with proper social distancing of course. To find out what is here, ring Judith on 07484 670302 and arrange a time to visit.

We hope everyone is enjoying their gardens at this lovely time of year. Home grown vegetables are the best and they save you from going shopping!
Tintern Garden Club is a village association with approximately 40 members who have a shared interest in the Tintern Community, gardening, handicrafts and local wildlife.

The  Tintern Garden Club (previously known as the VPA) was part of a county-wide affiliation of garden clubs, all of which had strong links with the Agricultural College at Usk. The year 2000 saw the County Organisation close down due to there being insufficient interest in running the organisation among the participating VPAs. However, Tintern Garden Club has continued to operate independently within the village.

As a garden club, we have monthly meetings in the Village Hall, on the third Friday every month from January- April and September- December, starting at 7.30pm. We have an invited speaker each month with a range of subjects such as travel, flower arranging, wine making, bees in the garden, wildlife etc. In the summer months we visit two gardens instead of having indoor meetings and also have a garden party at a member’s garden. The highlight of our year is the Village Show held in August when we hold classes for vegetables, flowers, pot plants, cookery, handicrafts and photography. This is open to all village residents including children. We are also planning some day outings to gardens a bit further afield and possibly some workshops held in members gardens about specific problems such as pruning or potting on orchids and other indoor plants.

We are always happy to see new members (the subscription is great value at just £10 per year) and non-members are also always welcome to come along to meetings for a charge of £2. For more information about Garden Club, contact Colin Dudley at parvafarm@hotmail.com or on 07899 980826 – or come along to the next meeting to become our newest member.

To view our annual and monthly reports, please click here.

The 2020 Committee
The committee for 2019 is Colin Dudley (Chairman), Sue Hassell (Vice Chairman), Bernard Bradshaw (Treasurer), Liz Greatorex-Davies (Programme Secretary), Lindsay Cobb (Show Secretary), Judith Dudley (Publicity Officer).
Colin Dudley
01291 689636
email parvafarm@hotmail.com