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Mitchel Troy recycling centre reopening

Monmouthshire County Council has announced that Mitchel Troy recycling centre will be reopening from Tuesday 15th September. Members of the council have taken this decision after detailed plans were put into place to ensure that the personnel and resources were available to reopen the centre safely, complying with Welsh Government’s COVID-19 regulations and guidance.

The approach taken by the residents of Monmouthshire to the management of waste and recycling throughout the COVID period has been outstanding. Overall levels of waste have fallen and recycling rates, particularly at the two household recycling centres that have remained open – Llanfoist and Five Lanes - has increased by nearly 10% on the same period a year ago.

Councillor Jane Pratt, Cabinet Member for Infrastructure, said: “We now feel able to re-open Mitchel Troy recycling centre near, Monmouth, and will do so from Tuesday 15th September. The booking system that has worked so well throughout the COVID period will be employed at Mitchel Troy. Residents will have to book to enter the site which will be running on a much smaller capacity so we can ensure residents and staff are safe at all times. Bookings can be made online from the end of this week for slots next week.”

Peter Fox, Leader of Monmouthshire County Council, said: “I’m pleased to see this positive step. Our climate change, sustainability and carbon reduction policy commitments remain strong and I am happy that we can now open up a third centre to improve journey times for residents. I would stress however that recycling is the priority and we will be managing both the numbers using the site and what is coming into the site very closely”
Details on how to book can be found at Residents who are not online are advised to phone 01633 644644 to make a booking once Mitchel Troy recycling centre reopens from September 15th.

“Please remember that if you or anyone in your household has symptoms of COVID-19, please do not visit the centres. Do observe social distancing when you visit, and take your own gloves or hand sanitiser with you,” said Councillor Pratt. “It’s also asked that you pre-sort your recycling before you leave home to help reduce time on site, and remember your permit or proof of address.”

Larger items of recycling can also be collected from your kerbside by Homemakers on 01873 857618. For further details regarding what items can be collected and charges visit

Posted 08 September 2020
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Popular book by local author Alan Butt available again

A reminder that ‘The River Hobbler's Apprentice' by local author Alan Butt is available in print again. Having already sold over 12,000 copies, the book is an endlessly fascinating tale of the lives of those born in the late 19th Century who made their living from our two great rivers, the Wye and Severn. Life may have been hard, with each season bringing its own challenges, but it had some reliable simplicity and reflected the eternal truths of nature. In the uncertain world of today we could do worse than reflect on them. This 127-page paperback has a list price of £12.99 and is available through Amazon and Waterstones. Its ISBN number is 978-0-7524-5138-1.

Posted 05 September 2020
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Japanese knotweed team in action again

Wye Valley AONB has sent the following welcome news:

Thank you Tintern. We are delighted that our Japanese knotweed contractors - the Habitats Team at The Wye and Usk Foundation - have received such a warm welcome again this year. This week and over the next few weeks the team will be making the most of any calm, dry spell to get out and treat this invasive species around Tintern and the neighbouring villages.
It really is good to see that our concerted efforts over the last few years are really starting to pay off with the extent of knotweed and the need for treatment getting less year on year. So, thank you to all you landowners, residents and businesses for working with us, reporting sightings, granting us access and spreading news of this initiative - it really is a team effort.

Posted 04 September 2020
Gwent Police issue advice on off-roading rules for powered vehicles.
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Posted 04 September 2020
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A466 closure for remaining resurfacing work at Brockweir

Monmouthshire County Council has announced that the remaining A466 resurfacing works at Brockweir are due to restart on the 21st September 2020. The closure will remain in place for a period of 2 weeks, up to and including the 2nd October 2020. It will operate on weekdays only between the hours of 09:30 – 15:00.

Posted 27 August 2020
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Volunteer ambassadors assisting with tourism in Tintern

Tintern Community Council, in conjunction with the County Council, GAVO and the Bridges Charity-Volunteering for Wellbeing, have recruited volunteer ambassadors to assist tourists make the most of their visit to our village and explore our history, heritage, countryside and all that our business community has to offer for a brilliant day out, as well as to support the messages about social distancing during the pandemic. The ambassadors have already started work and are based in the area near the Abbey.
This is a pilot project until the end of September which we will be monitoring to find out if it would be something worth investing in for future years.
The Community Council would welcome your feedback in due course but if you have any immediate comments about the project whilst it is operating please get in touch with Councillor Vivien Richards

Posted 27 August 2020
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Sorry to hear you've left us Frank

Really sorry to hear of Frank's passing. This wonderfully warm and wise Spinone was always alongside Sue and Barry Cooke at the Wye Valley Hotel in Tintern to ensure that every guest and visitor felt welcome. An amazing dog. We'll all miss him. Sue and Barry, our thoughts are with you.

Posted 20 August 2020
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Call for volunteers to be ambassadors to promote Monmouthshire's beautiful towns and villages - including Tintern

The call is out for kind, welcoming people to help promote Monmouthshire’s towns and villages to visitors and encourage residents to return to their high streets and shop local. Monmouthshire County Council is working initially with Tintern Community Council and Abergavenny to find Volunteer Ambassadors to provide a warm, local welcome and to signpost visitors to the wide range of things to see and do in Monmouthshire encouraging them to explore their beautiful environment and venture further across the county. More areas are expected to follow in due course.

Volunteers have been at the heart of the response to the COVID-19 pandemic and their work in supporting communities has been overwhelming. Now as Monmouthshire County Council moves to the next phase of supporting businesses on their road to recovery, volunteers are being called upon once more.

As well as promoting local businesses, the aim of the Volunteer Ambassadors will be to give reassurance to people who may be nervous about interacting with other members of the public in a busy area or who may have been missing social contact. This also includes helping to promote a distinctive sense of place and responsible behaviour, including advising on COVID-19 related restrictions and to promote local pride in the area.

Cabinet Member for Social Justice and Community Development, Councillor Sara Jones said: “There’s no denying how much of an impact volunteers have made over the last few months and that’s why we’re calling on volunteers to do what they do best and help others. I would encourage anyone who enjoys meeting new people, offering a helping hand and being out in beautiful locations to consider one of the Volunteer Ambassador roles and get in touch.”

Anyone wishing to be considered for the roles would need to meet certain criteria and be available from mid-August to mid-September. Ambassadors will be on a rota with at least one other Ambassador for two-hour slots. In return, volunteers will get support and training, travel expenses reimbursed, the chance to develop new skills and have opportunities to participate in volunteer recognition schemes.

For more information, the full role description, criteria and applications visit:

Posted 12 August 2020
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The Road Begins - a newly-installed mural on the hoarding surrounding the old Abbey Hotel

The emergent mural The Marian Way is Phase One of a Words and Landscape project and development of a secular Pilgrimage route, proposed for 2021 by Friends of Our Lady of Tintern. The circular path, which will begin at this point, will be mapped onto parts of a mediaeval Pilgrimage route to and from Tintern Abbey, taking modern day walkers along the arduous Stony Way - the path of sorrows - to Penterry Church, St. Arvans, for rest and contemplation before returning to Tintern Abbey and the statue of our Lady through luscious forested landscape - the path of joys.

Please go to the page for the
Marian Way Pilgrimage for more information.

Posted 12 August 2020
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Feedback sought on NHS services during the pandemic

As Gwent’s local NHS watchdog, we are seeking feedback from Gwent residents on their experiences of NHS services during the Coronavirus emergency. All feedback from completed surveys is reported back to the Aneurin Bevan University Health Board to help them see what is working well or what action can be taken to make improvements.

The first survey is a general survey, which invites members of the public to share their feedback on all services provided by the Aneurin Bevan University Health Board during the Coronavirus emergency. We will follow this up with another survey, which invites members of the public to share feedback on their experiences of virtual healthcare appointments during the Coronavirus emergency. The general survey is available at

Posted 02 August 2020
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Interior refurbishment to commence at St Michael's

Following delays owed to the coronavirus pandemic, work on the comprehensive re-ordering of the interior of St Michael's is about to commence, starting during week beginning Monday 6th July. The £200,000-plus project aims to make the church building fit for use by the entire community for generations to come with the centrepiece being the provision of a water supply and toilet and kitchen facilities.

More details
can be found here, including an architect's floor plan of the revised interior.

Posted 03 July 2020

A 20mph speed limit has been introduced in Tintern

As part of its plan for Covid-19 Emergency Restrictions, Monmouthshire County Council has introduced an area-wide 20mph speed limit throughout the village.

Mike Collins, Senior Traffic Engineer from the Council said: "Following the First Minister's announcement on Friday 19th June that non-essential shops in Wales could reopen from Monday 22nd June. It was essential for us to act fast and provide emergency precautionary measures to not only support this decision, but also allow people to return to our town centres and villages safely, whilst maintaining social distance.

Within Tintern, the Authority has arranged for an area wide 20mph signed only zone to be implemented. It is hoped that the reduction in speed will encourage pedestrians, cyclists and visitors to return to this historic and beautiful settlement within Monmouthshire and shop safely. It is also considered that this will provide a safe environment for all road users.

Please note that the Authority is aware of the need to return to site to bag over the existing 30mph signs which are still present within the Zone. As such, this will be done as soon as possible to ensure motorists are not provided with confusing messages.

The emergency order will remain in operation for a period of 21 days in order to allow the Authority to assess the effectiveness of the measures, with a view to provide this on a more permanent basis, albeit as a temporary order which can last up to a maximum period of 18-months.

As shops and businesses continue to open, it may also be necessary to amend or add to the restrictions mentioned above to manage the ever evolving nature of the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, if this is the case, I will ensure that you are kept informed of this as and when matter progress."

The accompanying map PDF indicates the extent of the 20mph zone and accompanying safety measures.

Posted 27 Jun 2020
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The Post Office van service is being reinstated (again!) in Tintern from Monday 29th June

We'd have some sympathy if you took this with a shovelfull of salt but we've just been assured by McColls in Caldicot that the Post Office van service is definitely being reinstated in Tintern from Monday 29th June with its usual
opening times. The van service has completed negotiations with the Police over access to the Abbey car park and now has full permission to park there.

Posted 26 Jun 2020
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County Council to introduce measures in Tintern to encourage Covid-19 safety

Monmouthshire County Council is making some temporary changes to make Tintern safe for its community and visitors to return and support the village's shops and businesses.

There is limited scope to widen footways because the road is already narrow. However, measures will be put in place at Abbey Mill and the GP Surgery to create more space for pedestrians. Measures will retain patient parking in front of the GP surgery and will accommodate the bus stop.

Between the Rose and Crown and the Wye Valley Hotel, footways will be cleared of overhanging vegetation and signage placed warning drivers of pedestrians in the road.

A pedestrian one-way system will be promoted from the Tintern Abbey car parks alongside the river into the village, returning the A466.

A 20mph zone is being introduced covering the whole of Tintern village to create a safer environment for pedestrians and cyclists.

When the Abbey re-opens, on-street parking will be removed and widening of the pedestrian area on the access road to the Abbey car park will take place if required.

All of the changes are part of a trial. The County will be seeking live feedback and will tweak, add to, change or remove measures as appropriate. It aims to learn quickly and adapt and improve based on feedback. If some of the changes are successful, consideration given to making them permanent, following future consultation.

The measures coincide with the Council’s new ‘Shop Local, Shop Monmouthshire’ campaign which is supporting businesses to reopen with all the necessary safety measures in place. Banners, social-distancing markers and planters are being used to help return the County’s towns and villages to the vibrant hubs they were before lockdown, however, in the short-term it will be necessary to provide barriers, cones and signage to segregate traffic (pedestrians, cyclists and cars).

Cabinent Member for Infrastructure and Neighbourhood Services Jane Pratt said: “These temporary measures are part of Monmouthshire County Council’s wider initiative to support businesses as they begin to reopen after what has been a challenging period. We would encourage everyone to reflect on how they travel during this time. If you are able to cycle or walk then it’s a perfect time to enjoy the summer months while doing your bit to help the environment. And don’t forget to Shop Local, Shop Monmouthshire.”

Details of all changes to Monmouthshire towns and village can be found

Posted 25 Jun 2020
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Key local bus service between Chepstow and Bristol to be maintained until December

Monmouthshire County Council has announced that a bus service linking Chepstow and Bristol is being maintained until December 2020, after Welsh Government and Monmouthshire Council agreed a short-term solution following the removal of a commercial service.

New Adventure Travel will operate an hourly service, called the Traws Hafren X7, in place of the Severn Express service. The Monday to Friday timetable can be seen below.

Stagecoach West recently announced it was withdrawing their commercial X14 Severn Express bus service linking Chepstow – Cribbs Causeway and Bristol City Centre, with effect from 13 June 2020.

The service was used by over 244,000 passengers in 2018-19 and has proved popular with commuters, students and shoppers.

Welsh Government has now agreed a short-term solution with Monmouthshire Council, incurring no additional cost. New Adventure Travel, who currently operate the Welsh Government funded T9 Cardiff Airport Express service, will take over the service from 15 June for a period of 6 months.

Monmouthshire Council and Welsh Government will continue to assess and make decisions on the long-term viability of the service.

This week Welsh Government recommended that passengers on public transport use three layer face coverings on public transport in Wales. People should also continue to follow travel restrictions in place as a result of coronavirus (COVID-19).

X7 Timetable

Posted 20 Jun 2020

Results of consultation with Tintern businesses regarding the easing of the Covid-19 lockdown.

Vivien Richards writes: "Thank you to all of you who responded to my request a few weeks ago for comments and suggestions regarding the measures necessary for the safe easing of the Covid 19 lockdown. Your views were discussed with both the Community and County Councils and Matthew Lewis from Monmouthshire CC has kindly pulled together the information in this accompanying PDF summarising comments from both the Business Forum and Community Council. He has added some commentary to bring us up to date with the current position re the agreed adaptations to the public realm and the resources available to businesses."

The summary can be viewed and downloaded from the PDF link in this section.

Don't forget that Monmouthshire County Council has a wealth of
information and practical resources to support businesses.

Posted 20 Jun 2020
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A note from County Councillor Ann Webb regarding this time of shut-down

The last few weeks have been a testing time for so many. The shining light throughout all this has been the volunteers. A huge thank you especially to those working throughout Tintern, St Arvans and the rural area in between. Purchasing shopping, talking on the telephone, collecting prescriptions and making scrubs. Also looking after the additional needs of our extraordinary NHS workers and carers. A huge thank you. Please know that your time and dedication is so greatly appreciated.

Here is a link to the latest Visit Monmouthshire newsletter with news of how communities and businesses in the county are managing during this difficult period. It also offers potential visitors news on what they can look forward to once we are out of this period of lockdown.

If I can be of assistance relating to any of the services which the County Council provides please contact me.

Take care and stay safe

Ann Webb
County Councillor

Telephone 01291 689559 or email

Posted 09 Jun 2020
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The Post Office van service is back!

McColls in Caldicot who run the Post Office van service covering Tintern have just confirmed that the schedule of van visits to the village has been reinstated with immediate effect. The timetable for the service in Tintern can be found here.

Posted 09 Jun 2020
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A Manifesto for the Coronacene - author and Tintern resident Herbert Girardet presents an argument for re-examining our whole way of life.

Professor Girardet has published his views in which he argues that following the end of the coronavirus pandemic we should not merely pick up the pieces and carry on as normal but we need to be bold and to subject the whole of our way of life and worldview to fundamental re-examination. He writes:
"It is clear that that we need new priorities. Restoring the Earth’s living, organic economy should be at the heart of any recovery; economics predicated on mass production and disposal should be replaced by circular, regenerative economies; local economies should be strengthened and made more resilient; concern for the wellbeing of impacted communities and of future generations should take joint centre stage."
The manifesto can be found on the Ecologist magazine website.

Posted 05 Jun 2020
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Philosophy Circle meetings programme to resume via Zoom

As the 'lockdown' continues, the Philosophy Circle meetings programme will resume using Zoom. The first of these meetings will be held on Tuesday 16th June 2020 at 7.30pm. John Clarke will speak on Locked Down with Sartre: Philosophical reflections on the virus. Full details can be found on the Philosophy Circle page.

Posted 04 Jun 2020
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Quest for more information on early cinema in Tintern

Phill Walkley of Moviola (who provide us with the licensed films shown in the village each month) is compiling a history of cinema in Monmouthshire.

Last year, a call went out for information on the early evolution of cinema in Tintern and some very helpful details emerged, not least from Sheila Hayward Black and Ron Morris. However, there are still some loose ends which Phill would like to tidy up and he is requesting anyone with more information to shout out, including anyone who may already have responded before.

Phill has written an article which is shown below to summarise where he is with understanding the early days of cinema in Tintern. One particular detail he is trying to nail down is the 'tin box' referred to in relation to the Tintern Garage site - he was hoping there might be a photo which showed the box and the hall upstairs. The box would have been needed to fulfil the requirements of the Cinematograph Act of 1909 to get a licence. But alas, no record of a licence has survived in the MCC records

Posted 19 May 2020
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Tintern photographer David Hurn to be honoured at the 18th Lucie Awards in New York this October


Renowned documentary photographer and Tintern resident David Hurn is to be recognised at the prestigious annual Lucie Awards which will again celebrate the greatest achievements in photography, this year at Carnegie Hall, New York in October. He will be awarded for Achievement in Documentary.

David Hurn first gained a reputation in documentary photography during the Hungarian revolution of 1956 and became an important recorder of life in the 1960s, working extensively with The Beatles and other celebrated figures of the time including Sean Connery and Jane Fonda. He was responsible for the iconic image of Sean Connery holding a pistol in the main publicity shot for the film
From Russia with Love. In 1967, David was made a full member of the exclusive Magnum photographers' cooperative.

Since the 60s, David has built up a huge collection of work, much of it based in Wales and in 1973 he set up the famous School of Documentary Photography in Newport. He has donated a collection of photographs taken by him and other leading contemporary photographers, including Henri Cartier-Bresson, Eve Arnold, and Bill Brandt, to the National Museum of Wales.

Posted 07 May 2020
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Business rates grants and other support for businesses in Monmouthshire

A message regarding the current situation on business rates grants and other support available to businesses has been received from MCC and passed on by County Councillor Ann Webb:

Further to your email exchange with Mark Hand, Cath Fallon has asked me to share with you information regarding the business rates grants and other support available to businesses at this time.
This can all be found on the County Council’s website at:
This page is updated regularly to reflect any new support available.
If you are in a position to raise awareness of this amongst businesses in Tintern, I would be really grateful.
If you are aware of any businesses that would like advice regarding their current situation please do pass on my details to them: James Woodcock, Business Insights Manager, Monmouthshire Business & Enterprise, tel. 01633 644036, email

Posted 04 May 2020
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No Tintern News being produced for May

We are sorry to say that there will not be a Tintern News produced for May since the current lockdown means we can't distribute it. We hope to be back into production before too long and in the meantime we hope all our readers, both in the village and at great distances beyond, will remain safe and well.

Posted 02 May 2020
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Severn Express and X14 bus services to Bristol and Cribbs Causeway being withdrawn

Monmouthshire County Council have received notification of the withdrawal of the Severn Express and X14 commercial bus services to Bristol and Cribbs Causeway from 14th June 2020.
The Council is looking into any way in which we can support a sustainable service and is talking with other authorities that the service covers to see if any replacement service can be offered as it is unlikely any other operator will take a commercial risk on this service given the current situation we are working with.
Updates will be provided when further information becomes available.

Posted 30 April 2020
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The Fountain Inn, Trellech announces its takeaway menu

Steve and Jill have designed a takeaway menu which offers a wide choice of their excellent dishes. You can order and pay by debit card over the phone and arrange contactless collection. They offer their thanks for your support during these harrowing times,

Tuesday to Thursday 6.00pm to 8.00pm
Friday and Saturday 6.00pm to 9.00pm
Sunday 1.00pm to 4.00pm

To see the Fountain's typical takeaway menu, please
click here.

Posted 23 April 2020
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Parva Vineyard wines for collection or delivery during the virus epidemic

Although our shop is closed and we cannot do tours or tastings, you can still buy our award-winning wines. Orders may be placed by ringing 07484 670302 and paying over the phone. The wine can then be collected from the vineyard. We are also offering to deliver cases of wine locally (free within 5 miles).

To see the Parva Vineyard list of wines and prices, please
click here.

Posted 20 April 2020
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Tintern Community Council update on future A466 road closure

Monmouthshire County Council have advised us that the A466 between Tintern and St Arvans at Wyndcliff was scheduled to be closed for several weeks in early June this year for Phase 2 of the cliff stabilisation works. In view of the current State of Emergency due to the Coronavirus Pandemic the Community Council requested an update from MCC Highways on the likelihood of the works being carried out this year as scheduled. The response from MCC Highways is that it is unlikely that the works will now go ahead this year at all owing to staff shortages caused by the coronavirus outbreak. If they do go ahead, the latest date that work could start is the 6th July 2020, but there are legal issues to be resolved relating to a land swap with National Resources Wales and licenses still to be finalised. MCC continues to work to obtain these permissions before July, but have warned us that this is probably unrealistic in the current circumstances.

We apologise on behalf of MCC for any inconvenience this may cause.

Posted 13 April 2020
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Easter funding boost for St Michael's Church

The much loved church of St Michael's is to share in a £333,000 funding payout from the National Churches Trust.

A £20,000 National Churches Trust Cornerstone Grant will help fund the installation of toilets and a kitchen at the Grade II listed St Michael’s Church making it better able to serve its local community and is part of a project to refurbish the entire interior of the church to make it fit for use by the village - now and for generations to come.

Broadcaster and journalist Huw Edwards, Vice President of The National Churches Trust, said: “The UK's historic churches and chapels are a vital part of our national heritage. During the coronavirus pandemic churches are doing so much to help vulnerable local people and boost morale”.

“Many churches need to carry out urgent repairs and install modern facilities to ensure their buildings can continue to be used well into the future. But the cost of this work is often far beyond what most congregations can pay for themselves.”

Huw Edwards

“So I’m delighted that St Michael’s Church, Tintern is being helped with a £20,000 National Churches Trust Grant. The work on the installation of toilets and a kitchen will help secure the future of this important and much loved historic build and will enabling it to do even more to help local people.”

A total of 31 churches and chapels in England and Wales will benefit from the latest grants from the National Churches Trust, the charity supporting church buildings of all Christian denominations across the UK.

These grants are the first made in 2020. Last year the National Churches Trust distributed over £1.2 million to 176 churches and chapels around the UK.

St Michael’s is a small church sitting on the Welsh bank of the River Wye. It was the location of a Celtic church long before the Cistercian monks arrived to create Tintern Abbey. It could well have been used by King Tewdric, a local Welsh chieftain who came out of retirement as a hermit in Tintern to defeat the Saxons in a battle close by.

It is certainly thought that worship to St Michael’s will have taken place from the time a church on the site was dedicated to the saint around 765 AD; this is border country and the soldiers of the time revered the great archangel Michael as their saint.

While much of the church dates back to medieval times, it took its present form in 1846 when it was enlarged. The medieval fabric survives to some considerable degree and the South Porch dates from the late 15th century and is unusually elaborate with a vaulted ceiling; the quadripartite vault with corner colenettes and narrow stone bench seats is of importance.

In 1839, WH Thomas wrote, "By the churchyard stile, and beneath the dark mantling boughs of the yew, a scene of exquisite sweetness steals upon the eye - the beautiful meadows beyond are skirted by a ridge of lofty woods, with the gentle Wye flowing like a liquid mirror below.... the unmolested sheep repose in grateful shade". This is a picture largely unchanged some 180 years on.

Jan Pain, Focal Minister at St Michael's

Jan Pain, Focal Minister, and Alan Hillard, Churchwarden, said: “We are so grateful to the National Churches Trust for this grant which will enable St Michael’s to better serve the needs of Tintern’s residents today and for generations to come. Bringing its facilities up to modern-day standards will be of special help in encouraging gatherings at the church from all parts of our community.”
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Council makes changes to support residents while pandemic persists

6April 2020

Councillors, staff and volunteers at Monmouthshire County Council continue to work exceptionally hard to ensure key services operate as the COVID-19 pandemic reaches a crucial stage across the country. The council has sustained its call to residents to stay safe and stay home to minimise the spread of coronavirus and reduce pressure on the NHS.

The scale and nature of the pandemic means that the council has taken every possible measure, including the redeployment of staff and intense planning, to support all residents, especially the most vulnerable in the county. Westminster and the Welsh government have relaxed or amended legislation and the council’s Emergency Response Team has seized the opportunity to implement changes and reduce impacts on residents as rapidly as possible. Coordination across the organisation has been key to the many initiatives implemented.

Recycling and waste collections have continued as normal although some routes have operated on a different pattern because staff are unavailable due to self-isolation. The council is endeavouring to ensure any missed collections due to lack of staff are dealt with as soon as possible. Meanwhile, lack of staff has led the council to temporarily suspend its garden waste collection service after Friday 3rd April. This follows last week’s closure of household waste recycling centres across the country. The council has tried to maintain other services as long as possible, but the safety of residents and waste collection staff is paramount. Reducing non-essential services will allow the council to continue to operate priority waste collections.

Additional factors leading to the decision to suspend garden waste collections are that supermarkets are unable to store and issue garden bags and containers safely and the closure of certain parts manufacturers may reduce the number of council vehicles in operation. Customers who have already paid for the service will have their permit extended when the collections service restarts. Supermarkets and other retailers will continue to stock the council’s red, purple and food waste bags. Up to date information is available at:

The Monmouthshire Meals service which distributes cooked food to the vulnerable across the county is operating as normal but an increase in demand means that it is at nearly full capacity. To cope with this, an extra evening round of deliveries has been introduced.

The council has created an inter-disciplinary Community Support Team to support the local response to the pandemic which has already received over 125 calls for support with 97 calls from those wishing to volunteer and help their local community. Area development teams are working directly with volunteer-led community action groups offering support, guidance and help with coordination. The council is actively looking to increase the number of volunteers engaging safely in their community during the COVID-19 pandemic and is offering them an opportunity to obtain a DBS check, complete safeguarding training and receive a guide to volunteering. The team is also able to connect self-isolating residents with volunteer action groups to help them with matters like essential shopping or telephone befriending. Residents needing support or wishing to volunteer should contact: or call 01633 644696.

During the Easter holidays two hubs providing care for children of key workers will be open between 8am to 6pm from Monday to Friday. These are at Deri View Primary School, Abergavenny and Caldicot’s Dewstow Primary School and will be organised by MonLife employees redeployed from leisure centres, libraries, the youth service and elsewhere.

Monmouthshire is a leader in embracing digital technology and it has enhanced its reputation in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Staff are successfully holding virtual meetings across the organisation and participating in a weekly Digital Cwtch session where they can raise issues or concerns. Within days, the council will establish 600 further IT accounts so that employees currently unable to communicate digitally with colleagues can receive emails and access the MCC Coronavirus Communication Hub – a source of news, information, helpful tips, FAQs and emergency contact details - powered by Microsoft.

Like other teams, Monmouthshire’s environmental health food safety officers have adapted well to working remotely from home with support from the council and have enjoyed the resulting benefits of increased trust and willingness to help. They have been in touch with businesses looking to diversify or change operation while the coronavirus pandemic persists to offer guidance, advice and interpretation of government rules.

Environmental health officers have also appealed to the county’s residents to be good neighbours during these difficult times and ensure their activities cause no unnecessary disturbance. Monmouthshire’s cabinet member with responsibility for public protection, Councillor Sara Jones said: “With all of us largely confined to our homes please ensure music levels are appropriate and if taking advantage of the fine weather to carry out garden clearance I ask you to think twice about a bonfire. Good air quality is crucial for those with respiratory conditions, particularly at the moment, so if planning a bonfire make sure weather conditions are appropriate, burn dry material only and do not allow the fire to smoulder for long periods.”

By Friday 3rd April the council had issued £5.09m worth of grants to 359 businesses and it will endeavour to pay 80% of all eligible grants within three weeks. Businesses that have not yet registered are urged to do so quickly, in order that the council can support them. Their first step to check eligibility is to visit: and then register at

Monmouthshire’s Highways Operations team is focusing efforts on urgent and emergency work only and no planned maintenance schemes will be undertaken until the Welsh Government gives the go ahead to lift its restrictions. The team will react to emergencies, such as road traffic collisions, fallen trees, emergency road sweeping, obstructions and hazards as well as undertaking its normal winter service. It is also supporting other departments and colleagues in urgent and emergency work.

The council is following guidance provided by Welsh Government regarding highways street works for a coordinated approach throughout Wales and consequently, many schemes have been postponed and events cancelled or postponed. In addition, utility companies are concentrating on emergency and reactive works so meetings between them and the council have been suspended until further notice. The council’s weekly roadworks report is of particular assistance to the emergency services and highways duty officers at this time.

The county’s community hubs and libraries remain closed in line with government advice but staff are joining forces with other teams across the council to provide assistance where most needed. All community education services continue to be suspended.

Staff have recently upgraded the library registration process so residents are able to register online via the library service catalogue to gain immediate access to digital resources such as audio and e-audio books, magazines and comics. More information is available on the council’s library online information web pages.

Cemeteries in Monmouthshire remain open but in line with government regulations funerals are restricted to five mourners.

Drivers from the council’s Passenger Transport Unit (PTU) have been redeployed to collect waste and recycling as well as deliver community meals across the county and parcels from the Chepstow, Abergavenny and Caldicot food banks. The PTU will run a free bus service from Usk to Raglan Post Office on Mondays following the closure of Usk’s community hub and its in-house postal service. The 65 (Monmouth to Chepstow via Trelech), 75 (Sudbrook – Caldicot – Caerwent) and W (local Monmouth town routes) Saturday services are suspended due to lack of demand but the council’s volunteer-run Grass Routes service continues to operate. To accommodate social distancing only two passengers per vehicle are permitted.

Council Leader Peter Fox said: “I’d like to thank all those across the council, in the county and those key workers who are involved in the fight against coronavirus. We’re all working around the clock to keep vital services afloat. Meanwhile, even though it’s great that the vast majority of residents are observing the need to stay at home and stay safe, a stubborn minority are still out and about. I can’t emphasise enough that a failure to follow government advice on social distancing means that our ability to contain and ultimately defeat coronavirus is greatly diminished. The more assiduously we follow government advice, the sooner we can return to normal. This is a marathon, not a sprint – we’ll all have to make changes to our lives for many weeks to come. The weather forecast looks promising for the week ahead but please do not be tempted to venture out. I urge everyone to stay safe and stay at home to protect lives.”

Posted 6 April 2020
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A letter to local authorities from Nick Read, Group Chief Executive, Post Office regarding its response to the coronavirus epidemic

1 April 2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19)
As an essential service, Post Office is working hard to ensure that customers, especially the vulnerable and the elderly, can continue to access vital services while protecting their health and wellbeing along with that of postmasters and colleagues.

Supporting postmasters and keeping branches open
Post Office has a critical role to play in helping people access cash, social benefits and essential services including mails and bill payments. I’m incredibly proud of our postmasters and branch staff for their dedication to serving customers and keeping the largest retail network in the UK open for business during this difficult time. The situation around the coronavirus pandemic is changing rapidly and undoubtedly there will be some disruption to services. Postmasters are not immune to this virus, and we have a duty to help protect them.

Updated guidance and supplies

Post Offices have been designated an essential service by Government, and branches will remain open wherever possible.

We have provided each of our postmasters with updated guidance on hand washing and hygiene to enable business to continue. We are working closely with Government to secure a supply of hand sanitizer and gloves. However, there are long lead times for these products, given the demand for them in hospitals and elsewhere. In the meantime, we have provided each branch with funds to access local supplies of sanitizer.

Additionally, in the coming days and weeks, we will also be distributing and installing Perspex screens in branches across the network. Each postmaster has also been provided with in-store signage to encourage customers to follow Government guidance on staying two metres apart whilst in branch.

Guaranteeing remuneration
As key workers, independent postmasters and their staff are continuing to keep their branches open to provide vital services, particularly to elderly and vulnerable people, despite an overall reduction in transactions and revenue.

Post Office is guaranteeing that all independent Postmasters will receive 100% of their remuneration in April and 90% in May. Eight thousand independent Post Offices will benefit from this guarantee, which will be kept under review if public health advice to stay at home continues. This remuneration guarantee backs Postmasters for their dedication and hard work in making sure that some of the country’s most vulnerable people can benefit from essential services. This is irrespective of whether branches are open or not, or have reduced their hours, because we recognise that some branches have had to close through circumstances outside of their control such as self-isolation or sickness.

Access to cash
We have a critical role to play in providing access to cash to some of the most vulnerable in society. Through our Banking Framework agreement with all of the UK’s banks, and the network of branches we have across the country, we are able to do this like no other organisation.

However, we are conscious that during this crisis, some customers will be unable to leave the house or accommodation, and might not have ready access to family or friends. We are working with several high street banks and Government on a way to overcome this, and we are hopeful that we will have a solution to announce in the coming week. We know that this will be a lifeline for many people who are isolated and rely on cash to pay for goods and services and we are working around the clock to put new services in place.

Post Office Card Account, provided on behalf of DWP
For Post Office Card Account (POca) customers, we are in constant communication with DWP about how we can best support these customers, often the most vulnerable in society.

Payments by government departments into POca accounts are unaffected. For those who cannot visit a Post Office to make a withdrawal we have established processes in place to allow a trusted person to be added to a card holders account, which will allow them to withdraw cash out from their local Post Office counter or Post Office ATM on their behalf. We are working hard to improve this process to allow this to be set up by customers without the need for them to venture outside to visit a post office. Further information on this will be available as soon as next week.

For those who are isolated and without nearby help from family and/or friends, we are continuing to work with DWP to look at other ways in which we can ensure that can access their accounts nonetheless. We hope to have some news soon. In the meantime, if one of your constituents is having trouble accessing their money due to being isolated, they should call the POca helpline on 0345 722 3344 or contact their local authority community hub for assistance. 

Disruption to services
Some Post Offices will be forced to close during the outbreak when postmasters go into isolation or become unwell themselves.

Where this is the case, posters should be displayed to explain where the next available branch is, and opening hours will be available through Branch Finder on the Post Office website and App. This is being updated three times a day by a dedicated team to provide customers with the most up to date information.

I want to assure you that we are doing everything we can to ensure that postmasters have the support they need and our field teams and area managers are on hand to support them. The weeks ahead will be challenging but I am sure that, with your continued support, we will be able to keep the majority of the network open for business and serving communities in your constituency and right across the UK.

Should you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your Regional External Affairs Manager, who will be on hand to discuss any issues in your constituency.

Posted 6 April 2020

Coronavirus funding latest: Sport/recreation bulletin from Gwent Association of Voluntary Organisatons (GAVO), March 2020

Coronavirus is having a huge impact on businesses and charities right across Wales. And in the sports sector, the pandemic has pulled down the shutters on events, training and activity which will no doubt leave many clubs and organisations struggling financially. 
The PDF shown here contains a round-up of government support, advice, loans and grants available to help you stay afloat. 

(If you cannot see the PDF please refresh your browser.)
Stacks Image 837

Eligible businesses need to register NOW for business grants

Monmouthshire County Council is aware that many businesses are not making the most of the support that is there for them.

If you occupy business premises in Monmouthshire with a rateable value of £12,000 or less, or you are a retail, leisure or hospitality business with a rateable value of £12,001 to £51,000 you should be registering for a business grant NOW. A number of those who have successfully registered are already in receipt of the funds. Unless you fill in the online form, you will not receive the help you could be eligible for.

I­­f you come under the Small Business Rates Relief, and you currently don’t pay business rates, you are still eligible to register for the grants.

The grants of £10,000 and £25,000 (which will not need to be paid back) will be administered by Monmouthshire County Council and registrations will be processed as soon as possible, subject to checking.

Welsh Government business grants are available in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, but it is estimated that up to 2,000 potentially eligible firms in Monmouthshire are yet to fill in the online registration form.

These grants will not automatically be paid to you. We need your details, so register online.

Your first step to check eligibility by visiting and then register at

The Welsh Government also has announced further financial support for businesses not covered by these grants. For more details and other available support

If you have a business or know of a business that could be eligible, please act now.

Posted 1 April 2020
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Council's trading standards officers provide advice to counter coronavirus scams

Monmouthshire’s trading standards team is warning the county’s communities to be aware of people taking advantage of the coronavirus pandemic to carry out scams. The advice is in line with that given by National Trading Standards – the UK body set up to protect consumers and safeguard business from fraud.

Reports have been received from other parts of the country that people have been offered miracle cures or non-existent vaccines for coronavirus while bogus emails have promised a refund on taxes in order to fraudulently obtain personal and bank details. Other scams include an offer to carry out shopping or collect medication and asking for money in advance before disappearing, and people impersonating healthcare workers to gain access to homes.

Trading standards officers have issued the following tips to residents to avoid being caught out:

Be cautious and listen to your instincts. Don’t be afraid to hang up, bin it, delete it or shut the door.
Take your time; don’t be rushed.
If someone claims to represent a charity, ask them for ID. Be suspicious of requests for money up front. Check with family and friends before accepting offers of help if you are unsure.
If you are online, be aware of fake news and use trusted sources such as or websites. Don’t click on links in emails.
Only purchase goods from legitimate retailers and take a moment to think before parting with money or personal information.
Know who you’re dealing with - if you need help, talk to someone you know or get in touch with your local trading standards service.
Protect your financial information, especially from people you don’t know. Never give your bank card or PIN to a stranger.
Residents who believe they have been scammed should contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040. If they need advice, they should call the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on 0808 223 1133. Meanwhile, residents should contact their bank if they think their accounts have been compromised.

Councillor Sara Jones, Monmouthshire’s cabinet member with responsibility for trading standards said: “The coronavirus pandemic has brought forward many good people who have offered their services for the benefit of society but the county’s residents should be aware that not everyone out there is trustworthy. Some will take advantage of this unusual situation we’re currently facing. Generally, we should exercise caution and if an unexpected offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true.”

Posted 28 March 2020
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Monmouthshire County Council and community support

Please help us, help our communities

We’ll always remember March 2020 – it will be a tough time for many people. We need you to help us support our residents through the challenges ahead. Many volunteering groups have popped up around the county
[please see the Tintern group's notice at the foot of this page] – they’re doing brilliantly but they need our support as the need to protect the most vulnerable increases.

As an organisation our vision is clear, the community response is vital and we will support it – we need to provide urgent food, medication and a friendly wave through the window to the thousands of people self-isolating in the county. However, we also need to keep people safe #Stay Safe, Stay Home. The key to safety is the word ‘ESSENTIAL’ it does not mean delivery of a daily newspaper for someone, it means basic food supplies i.e. bread and milk and delivery of prescriptions. It also means leaving any provisions on the doorstep and not entering people’s homes.

With this in mind our strategy is very simple:

Using place based teams we will support community led response groups, we will do this using local and national advice/guidance. All at arms-length, it is not our place to own but we will definitely help.
We will scale up the virtual Volunteering for Wellbeing programme in a targeted manner by redirecting our people who will work with volunteer coordinators.
We will kick start Our Monmouthshire which has an online community exchange functionality to complement and strengthen community effort. Thinking long term.

Can you help (there’s lots to be done so please say yes!)? If so, please email where they will be directed to the correct team for action based on their location or telephone our central contact number
01633 644696.

If you would like to help there are some simple do’s and don’ts listed below:


- Pick up the phone to chat to anyone who’s self-isolating. Ask if they need any food/supplies/medicines to be picked up

- Pick up any urgent or essential supplies during your one trip out that day – simple shop for others while you shop for yourselves

- If they’ve got a smart phone/tablet teach them how to use it so they can see people – Digital Communities Wales has a team of expert trainers and advisors on hand to help get people on line just phone them on 0300 111 5050

- Encourage people to open the window to get some fresh air and listen to the birds

- Keep washing your hands and follow all social distancing guidelines i.e. stay 2 metres apart


- Go into people’s homes

- Go within 2 metres of people (knock doors, and leave bags on the door step)

- Don’t start being trusted with credit cards or taking money out for people who you don’t know

We will act as the connection to the community action groups and communicate with them on behalf of MCC. It would be worth ensuring that there are no social services support needs before forwarding members of the public onto us. We will deal with simple community support needs that can be carried out locally by volunteers such as telephone befriending, dropping off shopping and virtual social activities. Obviously this will depend on demand and capacity of the community volunteers. We may not be able to meet all needs immediately.

We would prefer you or the community member to email where they will be directed to the correct team for action based on their location. You can direct members of the public to the web link where information will be updated regularly. If they do need to call our teams number is 01633 644696.

Thanks for your support

Please note that Tintern has already established a team of volunteers which is ready to help. Please see their notice below.


Posted 25 March 2020
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Tintern Community Council has cancelled its meeting until further notice

Owing to the Coronvirus outbreak all meetings of Tintern Community Council are cancelled until further notice.

If members of the public have issues that they wish to raise please could they please send theseto the Clerk via email (email address:-

We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause members of the public, but this is a decision we have been advised to adopt.

Please be assured Tintern Community Council will continue to conduct council business and progress matters as appropriate..

Regular updates will be posted on both the
Council’s Website and this website.

Thank you for your co-operation and thanks go out to any residents and businesses who are helping with the Community Volunteers Help Group.

Posted 25 March 2020
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Tintern Fete 2020 Cancelled

In common with other summer events this year, the Tintern Fete Committee has reluctantly decided to cancel the Tintern Fete planned for Saturday 27th June.
We offer our sincere apologies to the village and to the brilliant bands, attractions, stalls and food providers who had agreed to be with us and hope that we might see them all next year.

The 2021 Tintern Fete will take place on Saturday 26th June.
See you there!

Posted 23 March 2020
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Number 69 bus service to run to the Saturday timetable during the week until further notice

The following (unofficial) message has been sent out today by Kyley Houghton, Clerk to St Arvans Community Council.
For anyone needing to use public transport to buy food / use post office facilities:
I write to let you know that the 69 bus service will operate the Saturday timetable daily from Monday 23rd March 2020. This will give us a mainly 2 hourly service during the day on weekdays. The information came from the bus crew on Friday and should soon be published by MCC or Traveline Cymru, for timetable access.

[NB the A466 is to be closed for most of each day for resurfacing just north of Tintern from 23rd to 27th March and this will affect the bus service. A statement has been issued from the Anslow bus company which runs the Number 69 service from Monmouth to Chepstow via Tintern from Monday to Saturday:
"The bus service will operate as normal up until 9.30am and after 3.30pm, we will then have a bus either side of the closure shuttling back and forth, unfortunately there won’t be a connection during the closure times."

Posted 22 March 2020
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An important message from Gwent Police about a Universal Credit scam on Facebook

There have been reports of a Facebook scam where people are contacted offering to help with Universal Credit claims.

Criminals offer to help claim £3000 in minutes by obtaining personal details to set up another account in their name.

This is a scam... If you are contacted on Facebook or other social media platforms about Universal Credit, do not give out your personal or financial details.

Verify by your own trusted method. Do not respond or use any contact information contained in the message itself.

Report these incidents to Action Fraud where you can get further advice -

Posted 20 March 2020
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Warning over fraudsters offering coronavirus advice

Monmouthshire County Council has issued a warning to watch out for fraudsters targeting the public amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

Fraudsters are increasingly targeting the public and organisations with emails, texts, phone calls and WhatsApp messages offering advice and treatment for the Coronavirus, as well as setting up fake websites selling products and offering ‘cures’.

Scammers have also been setting up bogus websites asking for donations for victims or promoting awareness and prevention tips. Cold callers have been contacting organisations suggesting they must have certain measures in place by a certain deadline.

To help members of the public protect themselves from becoming a victim of fraud, Cifas, The UK’s Fraud Prevention Service is advising:

  • Be sceptical if you receive an email, text or WhatsApp message about the Coronavirus, and never click on any attachments or links

  • Never provide personal data such as your full name, address and date of birth – scammers can use this information to steal your identity

  • Don’t allow yourself to be pressured into donating money, and never make donations by cash or gift card, or send money through transfer agents such as Western Union or Moneygram

  • If you think you’ve been the victim of a scam, then speak to your bank immediately and report any fraud to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040

  • You can get further information on dealing with scams and fraud by calling the Consumer Service telephone number 0808 223 1133, or contact Citizens Advice.
Trading Standards Wales advise residents to contact their local Council for information about services and assistance in their area.

Posted 19 March 2020
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Government coronavirus posters available for download

Monmouthshire County Council is distributing posters prepared by the Welsh Government which are suitable for use in all health and social care facilities, educational establishments, and workplaces.

The posters can be seen below and the images dragged off for printing and filing.

Posted 18 March 2020
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Monmouthshire County Council recycling update and survey

Monmouthshire County Council are currently running an online survey to get residents feedback on the Household Waste Recycling Centres.
Here is the link:

Posted 17 March 2020
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Revised information regarding A466 closures during resurfacing work

Further to the news item published below on the 11th of March, the following revised information has been received by Tintern Community Council from Stacey Evans at Monmouthshire County Council:

"In a follow up to my previous email, there has been an alteration to the resurfacing programme at the A466. This is due to a conflict with a closure in Gloucestershire which was not brought to our attention until last Friday afternoon, despite a consultation period with Gloucestershire.

The Gloucestershire closure requires the use of Brockweir Bridge & Bigsweir Bridge between 19th March and 27th March. Therefore the Bigsweir Bridge closure will carry on as planned but will be finishing at the end of 18th March, providing nothing occurs outside of our control that will delay progress.

The plan for Phase 2 will be to split the site into 2 stages in order to keep Brockweir Bridge open during the Gloucestershire closure. Stage one will be from Tintern to just short of Brockweir Bridge from 23rd March to 27th March and the road will be closed between the hours of 09:30 and 15:30. All resurfacing works will be completed by the end of 27th March at this location.

Stage two will be from the area in front of Brockweir Bridge (and including Brockweir Bridge) to Catchmays Court from 30th March to 7th April, the road will be closed between the hours of 09:30 and 15:30 on weekdays only. This stage will complete the resurfacing works on the A466.

I hope this change makes sense and doesn’t cause any additional inconvenience."

Posted 17 March 2020
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Notice of A466 closures during resurfacing work

Roadside notices have been erected warning of closures to the A466 north of Tintern from the Wye Valley Hotel during resurfacing work. The road will be closed daily between 9.30am and 3.30pm from 23rd March 2020 to 8th April 2020.

Little more information has been published but a statement has been issued from the Ansell bus company which runs the Number 69 service from Monmouth to Chepstow via Tintern from Monday to Saturday:

"The bus service will operate as normal up until 9.30am and after 3.30pm, we will then have a bus either side of the closure shuttling back and forth, unfortunately there won’t be a connection during the closure times."

Posted 11 March 2020
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Monmouthshire County Council launches special recovery group in the wake of unprecedented flooding

Monmouthshire County Council has launched a special task group to deal with the mass recovery operation following the unprecedented flooding experienced across the county.

Recovery Co-ordinating Group (RCG) ‘Attis’ has been set up in conjunction with neighbouring authorities in Gwent and agencies such as Welsh Government and Natural Resources Wales.

The council and partners are working hard to assess the damage and impact on residents, businesses, infrastructure and the environment caused by Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis – with over 100 residential properties and a number of businesses already being identified as impacted by the floods in Monmouthshire.

With the cost of the recovery operation expected to run into tens of millions, the task group has already begun seeking financial assistance from the Welsh Government.
The task group is expected to be operational for a number of months, and possibly longer given the scale of the task, until the disruption has been rectified, demands on services have returned to normal levels, and the needs of those affected have been met.

To help the group carry out their response, anyone affected by flooding in Monmouthshire is being asked to get in touch with the council. A simple form can be accessed via the ‘My Monmouthshire’ app or on the council’s website. Staff across the county’s Community Hubs are also on hand to help anyone with the form if they do not have access to a computer.

The council has been overwhelmed by the generosity of people of offering support and donations. These offers have included donations of food, furniture and clothing, as well as offers of housing and transport. A number of people and businesses have also come forward to offer manpower to help with clean-ups and disposal of waste. Anyone who is able to offer support is also being encouraged to get in contact in order for all offers of help to be documented.

Council leader, Peter Fox said: “The impact on our beautiful county, residents and businesses from these extreme events has been devastating and the loss felt by those affected is going to be long-lasting. Through the establishment of RCG Attis we have already begun identifying what levels of support and advice are available to our residents and it will be these offers of support that start us on the long road to recovery. I could not think of a more appropriate name for this group than Attis – the Greek God of rebirth. In these unprecedented times, I’m extremely proud of our communities who have all rallied together to support their neighbours and offer everything from free sofas and food to getting stuck in with the clean-up of debris and waste. You have been remarkable. To those affected, I can reassure you we are working around the clock to get Monmouthshire back up and running.”

Posted 26 February 2020
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A further press release from Monmouthshire County Council regarding recovery from the flooding

Monmouthshire County Council begins major recovery operation

19th February 2020

Monmouthshire County Council has begun a major recovery operation in the wake of Storm Dennis and unprecedented flooding across the county.

The council is estimating 100+ residential properties have been affected by flooding. A significant number of businesses and public assets have also been affected.

Residents are being supported through the provision of temporary accommodation where necessary and guidance on flood relief support networks.

A number of services remain closed or affected while the clean-up begins, this includes a number of road closures and bus routes. Monmouth Leisure Centre has been badly flooded and will remain closed for the foreseeable future. The Wye Bridge in Monmouth has been reopened, with access to the underpass reinstated.

While further rain is forecast for this evening, rivers are expected to rise but the council has been advised this will not be significant. The public are being asked to remain vigilant and mindful of dangers such as falling trees and debris.

Council officers have been out visiting communities in Skenfrith, Usk, Osbaston and other parts of Monmouthshire offering advice relating to hygiene, insurance claims and support services.

Welsh Water’s contingency plans for water are fully operational and these are likely to remain in place for a number of days.

Anyone looking for support is being encouraged to contact a community-led relief group called ‘Monmouthshire Residents Affected By Flooding’, where they can receive support in the way of clothing, food and toys. The support group can be contacted via their Twitter page @Monflooding or by contacting

Monmouthshire County Council, Leader Peter Fox said: “Understanding the true extent of the damage and loss to our county will take some time but our teams are working to ensure we support those residents and businesses that have been impacted. We met with the Welsh Government today and this gave us a chance to highlight the severity of situation in Monmouthshire. We had an opportunity to open up the dialogue on the appropriateness of flood defences in the county. We also had the chance to spend time with our emergency services thanking them for their time.

“We’ve been able to discuss some short term funding from the Welsh Government. Application and administration on how that would impact Monmouthshire is being worked on. My heart goes out to all who have been affected by these devastating floods and I just wanted to thank our partner agencies and the public for all your efforts over the last few days.”

Posted 19 February 2020
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The following press release has been received from Monmouthshire County Council

Monmouthshire continues to be impacted by Storm Dennis

18th February 2020

Monmouthshire has experienced the fourth day of a severe weather incident. The storm has impacted the whole county but has been most acute in Usk, Monmouth and surrounding areas. Water levels in Monmouth are still high and more bad weather is forecast so this position is likely to continue for the remainder of the week.

Monmouth has been significantly impacted over the last two days. Various roads and the Wye bridge are closed and are set to continue to be closed – residents are urged to travel with caution. There is standing flood water in the Monmouth area that poses a potential danger.

Hundreds of properties (residential and commercial) have been flooded. Several hundred people are either living in part of their home (upstairs) or have relocated to either hotel accommodation or are staying with friends / family.

A rest centre continues to operate from Shire Hall, Monmouth for any residents who require support.

The Wye Bridge will continue to be closed until the water level has gone down, the structure of the bridge has been checked and the decision is made that it is safe for people and vehicles to use the bridge again. This is a precautionary action.

Welsh Water Mayhill Water Treatment Works has been closed due to the flooding. Plans are in place to ensure people have access to water. A fleet of tankers will continually top up the distribution system and bottled water stations are established in case supplies drop off.

Monmouthshire County Council Leader, Peter Fox said: “My heart goes out to people across the county who have been impacted by the severe weather that we have been experiencing in Monmouthshire. I would like to thank all of our partner agencies who are working hard to keep people safe. Support and coordination from all emergency services has been excellent.

“The situation around Monmouth is challenging and dynamic. We have not been able to save all properties but all people are safe. Where people have required assistance to leave their home it has been provided and where people are choosing to stay we are helping where we can. There have been water based rescues and we are pleased to report everyone who has been rescued is safe albeit a number have been in need of care and support.

“This exercise is likely to run for several days yet. Residents are being advised to travel with care today as there is still a lot of water about.”

Posted 19 February 2020
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Dog Friendly Tintern launches

From this Spring, dogs and their human families, will receive a warm welcome when they visit Tintern and as many facilities as possible will be accessible to visitors who have brought dogs with them.

What does the Dog Friendly Tintern logo mean?

The historic village of Tintern and its surrounding area is part of the Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It is magnificent - and ideal dog walking country with many well marked trails, and great places to eat, drink, shop and stay.

Businesses displaying the Dog Friendly Tintern logo will welcome canine companions in all or part of their premises.

Some pubs and shops have special facilities, such as water, tying up points or free poo bags, whilst the accommodation businesses offer a varied range of services from gated gardens to muddy paws towels, dog wash taps, dog menus, spare leads and more!.

Look for the logo and ask what each individual business can offer.

To see a full list of participating businesses and
details of a celebratory launch dog walk on St David's Day, 1st March, please visit the Dog Friendly Tintern page on this site. PLEASE NOTE THAT OWING TO THE RECENT FLOODING, THIS EVENT HAS BEEN POSTPONED AND A NEW DATE WILL BE ANNOUNCED IN DUE COURSE.

Posted 12 February 2020
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Here is a message received today from Mike Broadway of Yorkshire regarding his model railway project base on Tintern Station.

Good Morning
I live in North Yorkshire but have long standing connections with the Tintern area. My aunt used to run a cafe/B & B in the Square in St Briavels in the 1950's we spent many school holidays staying with her and exploring the area. My father-in-law was at school in Monmouth and his remains are interred in St David's cemetery at Cort y Bella.
I am in the process of constructing a model railway based on Tintern Station and plan to incorporate a village based on Brockweir but also including other buildings from the area which are either of architectural interest or which have a particular significance for me. I have completed St Michaels Church, a cottage group in St Briavels Square which includes my aunt's old house and Brockweir Country Inn. I am currently working on a model of the group of cottages in Trelleck Road which, in the 1950s, included the "Supply Stores". This building still exists and is now part of a private dwelling. I am relying on Google Street images plus an old black and white photo dating from around 1956. I wonder if there is anyone who can help me to establish the colour of the paintwork on the outside of the shop at the time. My guess is that it would have been green or brown. Also, I cannot now remember where i obtained the photo but it was from a website with historic details of Tint ern. Can you point me in the right direction?
We are coming to Brockweir in April mainly to visit the cemetery but also to do some more research for the layout. If there is any interest I could bring some of the completed models to show you.
Many thanks

Mike Broadway

Mike's email address is

Posted 12 February 2020
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A466 closure planned for June 2020

The Chairman of Tintern Community Council and two Councillors attended a meeting on Wednesday 22nd January with representatives of Monmouthshire County Council and St Arvans Community Council to discuss the closure of A466 for works to be undertaken at the cliff fall where there are traffic lights currently. The planned closure is to start the first week in June and should take a maximum of four weeks. It will be a total road closure in the interests of public safety. Further information will be circulated as soon as it is made available to Tintern Community Council.

Visit Tintern has commented: This does not mean that the beautiful village will be cut off from the world! Diversions will be well signposted and although they feel difficult they are in fact very simple and short! So in June DO be brave and come and visit Tintern! Businesses will be open as usual, the fete will take place, your pet is welcome in Dog Friendly Tintern and You will be extra welcome!
Posted 24th January 2020
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Tintern remembers

A service was held on Sunday 10th November in Tintern Abbey to commemorate the fallen in many conflicts. The picture shows the service in progress, attended by the Tintern company of the Church Lads' and Church Girls' Brigade, by scouts from Monmouthshire, and by many others who came to show their respects. In the foreground are ceramic poppies made by the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts of Monmouthshire.
Posted 10th November 2019
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Applications invited for student grants from the Bradford Charity, Tintern

Applicants must be presently engaged as a full-time student in higher or vocational training and education and living within the ecclesiastical boundary of the Parish of Tintern.
The closing date for applications is 30th November 2019.
Full details can be viewed in the PDF of the application below which can be also be downloaded and printed.
Posted 9th November 2019
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Posted 17 October 2019

The Post Office van will not visit Tintern for one week in early November

The Post Office van service will not be available during the whole of the week beginning Monday 4th November. Normal service will resume on Monday 11th November.
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Posted 11 October 2019

A new £20 note based on the work of the artist JMW Turner features a window design inspired by Tintern Abbey

The bottom righthand corner of the note features the window which, as the Bank has confirmed, was inspired by Tintern Abbey which was the subject of watercolours created by JMW Turner in the 1790s.

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney unveiled the design of the new £20 note on the 10th of October. It will be issued for the first time on 20 February 2020.
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Posted 11 September 2019

Existing bus pass holders have until 31st December 2019 to apply for new style passes

Monmouthshire County Council has provided this update on the requirement for existing bus pass holders to apply for a new style of pass

We are working with Transport for Wales and Welsh Government to introduce new-style Concessionary Travel Cards by the end of December 2019. We have already been issuing new-style cards to new applicants and to those who’ve lost their cards or had their cards stolen.
The national programme to replace around 750,000 existing bus passes will begin on 9 September 2019. The new-style cards offer the same free travel rights and benefits as the current cards.
Cardholders from across Wales will be able apply for their new-style card from home or at local drop-in centres, which we’re coordinating. The cards will be printed at a national bureau and sent direct to the cardholder’s address.
We'll be supporting a publicity campaign to make sure residents are aware of what they need to do and have access to the support they need, to make sure they receive their new-style card before 31 December 2019.
We’ve also made sure there’s comprehensive support available through our social services, schools, libraries and at drop-in centres across our communities to make sure residents can easily access face-to-face support.
To manage this replacement programme, Transport for Wales has a website which cardholders can use to apply for or manage cards.
The council still owns the Concessionary Travel Card scheme. We'll still play an important role, using our knowledge and expertise to help process complex queries and applications.
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Posted 11 September 2019
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Posted 11 August 2019
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Posted 02 August 2019

A466 planned to reopen Friday 2nd August

Stephen Baldwin of Monmouthshire County Council provided this update on Thursday 1st August:

Further to my last update we are currently working towards opening the A466 back up to vehicles by close of play Friday. There will be a number of small outstanding works to be undertaken over the weekend and early next week which will likely include final clipping of mesh, cutting and treatment of bars and general clean-up duties. Unfortunately this will require two-way lights to be set up while these works are finished but this will only be for a short period and does allow us to reopen the road in a safe controlled manner.

There will be quite a lot of works to coordinate tomorrow to allow the road to be reopened and the non-diversion signs such as ‘pedestrians only’, ‘no sat navs’ etc. will be removed early tomorrow. The remaining larger signs will be covered and the rest laid flat for later pick up. This will allow us to concentrate on making the work area safe for reopening.
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Posted 29 July 2019

Final free concert by Trio Arcadia di Roma featuring works by Tintern's Fiona Frank

This exciting programme will be performed as part of the Monmouth Festival on Tuesday 30th July at 7.00pm in St Mary's Priory Church, Monmouth.

The Trio Arcadia di Roma (pictured here at their Bristol concert) is comprised of Laura Bianco (violin), Francesco Vignanelli (‘cello) and Margherita Sussarellu (piano). They bring great musical intensity and exciting Italian passion to Fiona Frank's expressive style of writing.
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Resurfacing of A466 at Tintern Station and Brockweir requiring closures in February and March 2020

County Councillor Ann Webb has been seeking clarification on what resurfacing work is planned for the A466 in the coming months. She has received the following reply from Ian Brain at Monmouthshire County Council.

"Further to your inquiry regarding resurfacing operations on the A466 I would advise as follows:

The A466 is a high priority route in our highways hierarchy and as such we attempt to maintain it at the highest affordable level consistent with our objective and statutory obligation to maintain the highway network in a safe and serviceable condition. IN addition, much of the A466 has a national speed limit of 60mph and therefore a combination of factors would set the risk and consequence of accidents on this road to be HIGH.

Clearly, the likelihood of accidents is much higher where the road surface is uneven and potholed.
Posted 24 July 2019
There are currently three sections of the A466 which are in moderate / urgent need of resurfacing ;

The stretch just south of Bigsweir.

The stretch in the vicinity of Brockweir

The stretch in the vicinity of Tintern Station

As you know we have had difficulty finding a programme space for works on the A466 as a result of the protracted structural problems south of Tintern, however , now the first phase of these works is coming to a conclusion we will be looking to resurface Brockweir and Tintern station in the period February to March 2020. Unfortunately because of the narrow width of the road on both these sections the works will have to be carried out under a road closure.

For resurfacing works of this nature the road is required to be closed between 9:15am and 3:30pm and is reopened for the remaining part of the day. I would estimate each site would take approx.. 5 working days.

The section at Bigsweir is planned for 2020/21 .

I know everybody is fed up of the protracted inconvenience being suffered by residents, businesses and motorists but by carrying out the works in Feb/ March the disruption will be at its lowest level.

I hope this gives some reassurance that we are doing our best to provide the essential highway maintenance service in a logical and planned manner."
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Posted 22 July 2019

Mobile Post Office service suspended for two weeks in August

Owing to staff holidays, the Post Office van will not be visiting Tintern from Monday 5th August to Friday 18th August.

more here.
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Posted 20 July 2019

Great news! The Filling Station Café is reopening.

Following some health problems, Lou and Vin will be reopening The Filling Station Café on Friday 26th July. The village sends them good wishes and looks forward to seeing them again.

more here.
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Posted 19 July 2019

New update on A466 closure from Monmouthshire County Council

The Clerk to Tintern Community Council has received the following message regarding the works on the A466 between St Arvans and Tintern.

"The engineering difficulties that we are experiencing onsite are continuing and it is clear that the works will unfortunately have to extend beyond the 19th July. We are currently looking at a revised completion date of the 2nd August and we will be doing everything we can to try and achieve this date. While a lot of problems have been overcome drilling works are being hampered by very poor ground and challenging conditions which has had an impact on productivity. The amount of men, plant and machinery onsite has been increasing and the current level of staff and equipment has beeb assessed by the Contractor to be at the maximum safe working level for such a confined site and given the type of work involved.

We continue to look at ways of expediting the programme, both through the implementation of additional measures by the Contractor and reviewing the design as ground conditions become better known.

Thank you for your continued patience and cooperation."
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Local delegation visits site of A466 stabilisation works

A group of councillors together with Monmouth MP David Davies made a site visit on 17th July to view ongoing repair work to the roadside embankment on the A466 between St Arvans and Tintern. It took place amidst growing anger from residents and business owners in the Wye Valley at the failure to get the road reopened.

Stabilisation works have fallen behind schedule, with the contractor CAN hampered after three of its four specialist drill heads became jammed in the limestone rock face.
Posted 19 July 2019
A new completion date of 2 August has now been set - it was originally 19 July – and the A466 will remain closed until the work is finished.

Local County Councillor Ann Webb described the visit as “well worthwhile” and said it was “very challenging” for those working on site.

“I have been liaising with local businesses to keep them informed and fully understand their concerns, so I wanted to come down and see things for myself,” she said.

Angus Ashman, a community councillor from Tintern who also works as a building surveyor, said: “There have undoubtedly been major difficulties here.

“It is interesting to see the techniques the contractor has developed to deal with this, but the timescale is disappointing.”

Cabinet Member for Infrastructure Cllr Jane Pratt added: “The narrowness of the road and the potential danger from drilling into an unstable rock face has made it difficult to increase the numbers on site.

“I felt it was important to view these constraints first-hand in order to fully appreciate what the works entail.”
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Posted 10 July 2019

Tintern Bridge: a definitive response from Gloucestershire County Council

Following enquiries by Monmouthshire County Councillor Ann Webb, GCC's Local Highways Manager, Brian Watkins, has responded with the following statement to her:

"Dear Cllr Webb

Thank you for your email. I can confirm that the bridge is still open for use by pedestrians, it is only vehicles that have been prohibited. Tintern Bridge is I am informed only recorded as a Public Footpath on the Definitive Map. The vehicle rights are private rather than public therefore as the footpath is being kept open a formal notice of closure (legal order) was not required.

With regard to the reasons why we are prohibiting motor vehicles. Gloucestershire County Councils Structures have concluded following a number inspections that in the interests of public safety the bridge was considered to be unsuitable for all vehicles. As I am sure you will appreciate this decision was not taken lightly, however our primary concern is the safety of all users and it was felt that based on the information available that this restriction was now necessary.

I have copied this email to my Structures team who will be able to add any additional technical information.

I will of course send you any updates as soon as I receive them. For info I am hopeful that by the end of this week we will have some new signs attached to the posts to replace the A frame type signs that are currently in place and prone to be moved around.


Brian Watkins
Local Highways Manager
Area Highways - West"
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Posted 9 July 2019

Tintern Bridge is not closed to pedestrians

Although signs have suggested otherwise, the bridge is NOT closed to pedestrians; only vehicle traffic is prohibited. This has been confirmed to the Clerk to Tintern Community Council by Brian Watkins, Area Highways Manager at Gloucestershire County Council; signs which suggest otherwise will be removed. GCC confirmed separately that a risk assessment was performed following significant damage to the bridge and this resulted in an immediate decision to close it to vehicles.
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Posted 6 July 2019

Lou and Vin of The Filling Station

We are very sorry to hear that Lou and Vin of The Filling Station are having a tough time: Vin has had a complicated recovery from a small operation on his leg and Lou was rushed to hospital last Saturday with a brain haemhorrhage. She is currently at home resting and awaiting further tests. As a result, the café is closed until they know more about how things are working out in the coming weeks.
Here at the Tintern village website, we send our very best wishes to them for full and speedy recoveries. We are sure the village as a whole will feel the same.
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Posted 5 July 2019

Donald Henry Floyd

Martin Everett has prepared some very interesting background about local Tintern landscape artist Donald Floyd. While he is virtually forgotten these days, occasionally one of Floyd's works appears at art auctions, fetching between £400-£1,200. In times past one could see three or four of his oil paintings on display in the reception area of the now defunct Beaufort Hotel in the village.

The Wye Valley has inspired some of Britain’s most creative minds over the centuries. Artistic tributes to its unspoiled beauty have flowed from the likes of Wordsworth and Turner – but none was quite as prolific as Donald Floyd.

You can see more of Donald Floyd's work and read more about him
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To see more about Tintern Fete including the results of the Space Rocket and Photo Competitions, please click here.
Posted 02 July 2019
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Posted 30 May 2019

Updates imminent for Freeview TV signals

Updating the local TV Freeview service is about to happen. See the notice on the left from the Forest Review this week. The Freeview website is suggesting that Tintern postcodes should re-tune after 5 June. This only affects those receiving a TV signal via an aerial.
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Posted 29 May 2019

Monmouthshire Highways concerned by people ignoring closure signs and site security at A466 closure.

The Highways department at Monmouthshire County Council is aware of pedestrians and cyclists in particular ignoring closure signs and site security fencing at the Livox works on the A466 between Tintern and St Arvans.

The department has issued the following statement:

"Work to stabilise the hillside near Tintern along the A466 is underway. Although the road is fully closed and our contractor has taken all practical measures to secure the site we have witnessed increased instances of cyclists and pedestrians ignoring the signage and security arrangements to enter the area. Large plant and machinery operates within the site and until stabilisation netting and anchors are in place there is a danger of falling rock and debris. For their own safety we respectfully ask cyclists and pedestrians to adhere to the road closure signing and site security arrangements."
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Above: Fiona Frank (second from the right) with Trio Arcadia di Roma in Verona
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Happy applause!
Stacks Image 440
Taking bows in Rome
Posted 19 May 2019

Tintern composer Fiona Frank is to have some of her works premiered in the UK this summer

The Trio Arcadia di Roma premiered Fiona Frank’s piano trio, 'Reflections on Motherhood', in Rome in February this year. Since then, they have performed it in Milan, Mantova, Pisa and Verona before coming to the UK for this 'Concerto Monografico' of her pieces. Her music is passionate and filled with great sweeping melody and appeals to all kinds of music lovers, classical or otherwise. Her influences are wide, including jazz, classical, world, folk idioms etc.  The music takes the listener on a journey and is very visual and poetic.

Trio Arcadia di Roma will perform her two Piano Trios,
'Reflections on Motherhood' and 'One Voice : One Family' as part of a programme exclusively featuring her works in a free lunchtime concert on Saturday 27th July in St Paul's church in Clifton, Bristol, and on Tuesday 30th July at 7pm at St Mary's Church, Monmouth as part of the Monmouth Festival. Donations gratefully accepted for the festival.

The Trio Arcadia di Roma is comprised of Laura Bianco (violin), Francesco Vignanelli (‘cello) and Margherita Sussarellu (piano). They bring great musical intensity and exciting Italian passion to this expressive style of writing. The programme also includes works for violin and piano and 'cello and piano. See also

'In Memoriam' for oboe quartet (which was given its world premiere at Teatro Lirico, Cagliari, on the International day marking the Elimination of violence against Women, by the amazing 'Ensemble Trame Sonore' will be part of a programme being toured around Wales by the St Woolos Ensemble in three successive concerts starting with a concert on Saturday July 6th in St Woolos Cathedral, Newport and Saturday 25th August 2019: Ebenezer Chapel, Newport, Pembrokeshire. The players are Huw Griffiths (oboe), Christoph Madler (violin), James Drummond (viola), Sonia Hammond (cello) and Christopher Williams (piano). The concert will also include a selection of Bach’s Goldberg Variations transcribed for String Trio, Mozart’s Oboe Quartet K370, and Mozart’s Piano Quartet No.1 K478.

Dates for your diary! 6th July / 27th July / 30th July / 25th August
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Posted 18 May 2019

These boots are made for planting

Tintern’s Old Station visitor centre will provide a warm welcome to volunteers willing to decorate and plant seeds and flowers in surplus boots and wellies donated to Monmouthshire’s recycling team. The planting session takes place on Tuesday 28th May between 11am and 2pm and the brightly coloured footwear will welcome visitors and hikers including those training for the Macmillan charity’s Mighty Hike fundraising walk scheduled for 7th September. The Old Station nestles beside the River Wye in the heart of the Wye Valley just north of Tintern.

For the full story, please
click here.
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Posted 8 May 2019

Council introduces permits and part-time closures at recycling centres.

Monmouthshire County Council is introducing changes to Household Waste and Recycling Centres. From Saturday June 1st residents will be required to provide proof of residency in the form of a permit to gain entry into all sites. The date also marks the start of part time closures at all HWRC’s.

Every household in Monmouthshire will receive one permit which will be sent along with an information leaflet. The permits will be issued free of charge and are expected to reach residents by June 1st. Residents who do not receive a permit by June 1st are urged to contact 01633 644644 or email to obtain a permit. A driving licence will be accepted in the interim period.

One permit will be issued per household, the permits are transferable between vehicles where a household has more than one car. If a permit is lost or forgotten a valid driving licence displaying a Monmouthshire address will be accepted by staff.

Meet and greet staff will be present at all sites. Residents are asked to display permits on their windscreen so they are visible to staff when entering the site enabling staff to easily see them and reduce the time a visit takes.

The permits have been introduced in a bid to prevent an influx of waste from neighbouring authorities being placed in the four HWRC across the county which has huge financial implications on the authority. Many neighbouring authorities have introduced similar schemes.

Permits are already in place for Commercial type vehicles and trailers, the new permit must be displayed along with these permits.

Part time closures of Household Waste and Recycling Centres will be implemented from Saturday 1st June.

The following sites will be closed:

· Llanfoist HWRC, closed every Wednesday

· Five Lanes HWRC, closed every Thursday

· Mitchel Troy, closed every Monday and Thursday

· Usk, closed every Tuesdays and Friday

Councillor Bryan Jones Cabinet Member for Operations said, "The changes to Household Waste and Recycling Centres have been implemented to make savings. Part time closures to HWRC’s have been shaped by resident’s feedback during a recent engagement exercise. I hope that residents understand that part time closures are positive and have led to savings being made without any permanent closures. There have been considerable changes to waste and recycling in recent months, I would like to thank residents for their continued cooperation during this process."

More information can be found on the Monmouthshire County Council
website recycling page.
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Posted 6 May 2019

Make sure you have a ticket for the annual Tintern Duck Race!

The annual Tintern Duck Race is not far away and ducks are getting into final training for the big event when they'll swim from Brockweir Bridge to St Michael's Church in Tintern. Make sure you don't miss out on the fun. You can buy tickets at all the outlets shown in the poster.
On the day, you can see the race start at Brockweir Bridge and then follow it along the river through the beautiful meadows, ending up at St Michael's where refreshments will be available on the riverbank.
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Posted 3 May 2019

Temporary timetable for number 69 bus service

To cover the period from 7th May 2019 for a planned seven weeks while the A466 is closed at the Livox Quarry site between Tintern and St Arvans.
Click here to view the Monday to Saturday temporary timetable.
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Posted 1 May 2019

Parva Vineyard news, May 2019

It has been mostly about lambing this month. We started lambing on 25th March and now all the ewes have lambed except one. Most of the lambs are out playing in the fields except for the chosen few which we are showing in our sheep exhibition “Come & See the Lambs”. This has proved extremely popular this year and will be running until 6th May to cover the Bank holiday and give everyone the chance to visit.
The vineyard has taken a bit of a back seat recently but as the vines are now starting to grow, there will be more work to do.
Looking ahead to the end of May, Welsh Wine week will be taking place from Saturday 25th May until Sunday 2nd June. During this week we will be open every day from 11.30am until 5.00pm, offering free vineyard tours and free wine tastings to our visitors with the chance to discuss vine growing with Colin and Judith. There will also be special offers on some of our wines so it will be well worth a visit!
Click here to see the full Vineyard page
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Posted 30 April 2019

Historic silverware at St Michael's Church

For a small and rather unprepossessing Church, St Michael’s is blessed with a nice collection of silver pieces. Four Chalices or goblets for the wine and one Paten or plate for the wafers together with a container for the wafers.
The most recent acquisition is a Chalice embossed with the badge of the Church Lads' and Church Girls' Brigade, courtesy of Alan Carter who runs the Tintern Brigade. We use this chalice, which is hallmarked 1913, on Family/Brigade Sundays.
The oldest Chalice is a beautiful piece of hammered silver with a hallmark that dates it to 1655, during the Commonwealth. In fact, this was the year that Oliver Cromwell banned Anglican services. Possibly this chalice was given in response to this action.
The three of the pieces are hallmarked to 1813 and were presented to St Michael’s by the Rev’d T Tireman who was the Rector at that time. Two of the pieces are a pair of matching Chalices, the third being a Paten. The Paten is inscribed on the reverse: ‘Presented by the Rev’d T Tireman to the Parish of Tintern Parva’. There are two inscriptions on the front: ‘The Bread which We Break, is it not the Communion of the Body of Christ’; ‘Do This in Remembrance of Me’. What is really intriguing is the provision of two Chalices. Currently, St Michael's can seat about one hundred people. When Rev’d Tireman was Rector, it is unlikely the St Michael’s could have seated fifty people and one wonders why two Chalices were needed.
Finally, we have a box that is used to hold the wafers before they are put on the Paten. The hallmark is 1979 and is inscribed ‘In Loving Memory of my Dear Mother MAUD EMILY DEXTER
When not in use, all these pieces are locked away in the parish chest or strong box. Interestingly this box has the date 1813 embossed on it. Presumably, Rev’d Tireman was concerned for their safety!

Please see the
St Michael's page for more information about this amazing church.
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Posted 15 April 2019

Wye Valley Wellness Centre Open Day

The Wye Valley Wellness Centre comprises Wye Valley Hypnotherapy, Stepwise Podiatry, and Lucy Fear Massage Therapy.
They are opening their doors on
Saturday the 11th of May to enable visitors to meet them and learn of the wide range of therapies on offer.
The Centre is located at Ashweir Lodge which is on the main road through the village, close to Abbey Mill.
Everyone is welcome.
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Posted 11 April 2019

Take a fresh look at Tintern

We'd love to have your take on Tintern by having your entry for a Tintern Photo Competition being organised by the Fete Committee.

A winner will be announced at Tintern Fete on Saturday 29th June.

The aim is to select photographs from the entries for inclusion in a Tintern Village Calendar for 2020.

See the poster for details but if you need any more information please get in touch with Andrew Reid
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Posted 24 March 2019

Parva Vineyard news, March 2019

It definitely feels like spring now and with the clocks changing, we will have lighter evenings to get our work done. We have already had some lambs- two sets of twins- and by the time you read this, there will be lots of the little woolly things bouncing about. The next few weeks mean hard work and disturbed nights but it is worth it when you can watch the lambs racing up and down the field and doing lamb leaps!

Click here to see the full Vineyard news for March.
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Posted 21 March 2019

Trading Standards officers issue warning over Council Tax scam

Monmouthshire’s trading standards service is urging residents to remain vigilant after receiving further reports of fraudulent telephone calls from individuals purporting to be from the council tax team. Householders are told they are entitled to a rebate on their council tax bill and the caller then attempts to obtain bank card details.

Please click here for the full story.
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Posted 12 March 2019

A466 road closure 2019

Date changes
Despite the earlier announcement made in February, Monmouthshire County Council now confirms that work at the Livox site (between Tintern and St Arvans) will start on May 7th rather than April 8th. It is assumed that this will last for approximately seven weeks as before. Council sources claim that extended working hours, including weekends, are being allowed and it aims to have the road open before the Tintern Fete being held on Saturday June 29th. A date for work at the Wyndcliffe site is still to be confirmed but it is likely to be delayed until next year.
Stacks Image 259
Posted 07 March 2019

New massage therapist in Tintern

Lucy Fear has set up her practice at Ashweir Court (near Abbey Mill)

I am an advanced massage therapist offering treatments for a wide variety of conditions and provide free assessment consultations. I welcome men, women and children as clients and home visits can be provided. Please feel free to enquire for further information by calling 07853 251887 or emailing

See Lucy Fear's page
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Posted 15 February 2019

Council considers budget changes

From Monmouthshire County Council

Monmouthshire County Council will take a significant step towards setting its budget for next year when Cabinet outlines a recommended budget at its meeting on 20th February, which will then be considered by full Council on 7th March. It has been a difficult process and we have been listening to feedback from residents about our initial proposals since 19th December 2018. As a result, there are some changes that will be put forward.

Read the full story here.
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Posted 15 February 2019

Free training for aspiring entrepreneurs

From Monmouthshire County Council

Free start-up workshops, hosted by Business Wales, are taking place to help people in Monmouthshire who are considering starting or are running their own business.

The workshops cover a variety of topics, including developing a business idea, sourcing finance, business planning, pricing and marketing, and will take place between 9.15am and 4pm on Wednesday, 27th February in Abergavenny’s Youth Centre (Old Hereford Road) and in the Bridges Centre in Monmouth on Thursday, 21st March.

The courses aim to aid budding entrepreneurs to take the plunge and decide whether self-employment is for them. All workshops are designed and delivered by experienced Business Wales advisers and provide an opportunity to ask questions and network with like-minded people.

Melanie Phipps, Business Adviser at Business Wales, said: “Our role as business advisers is to share experience, provide practical advice, support and knowledge to instil confidence among people at the start of their business journey.

“Our fully-funded workshops provide a great starting point for all attendees who want to gain an understanding of the key principles and practical skills required to start and run their own business, so I would encourage everyone in Monmouthshire who is considering self-employment, to come along.”

For more information on venues and to book places, visit, email or call 01656 868500.
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Stacks Image 264
Posted 15 February 2019

Residents urged to register for garden waste collection

From Monmouthshire County Council

Registration has begun for residents to sign up for the Council’s seasonal garden waste collection and those wishing to use the service must purchase a permit.
One permit provides the weekly collection of the contents of one brown garden waste bag which costs £18 per season with no restriction on the number residents can purchase. Garden waste will only be collected if a permit is visible on the bag.

Weekly garden waste collections begin on Monday 4th March and end on Friday 29th November 2019 - no collections will take place from Monday 2nd December 2019 to 28th February 2020. Residents are urged to register now before March 4th to receive your permit in time for the first collection.

Purchasing a permit is simple and residents are able to register in a variety of ways:
Once registered, residents must allow up to 14 days to receive a permit. Last year’s customers will receive a letter reminding them to renew their registration soon.

Feedback on the service is important, residents are encouraged to have their say via an online survey on the garden waste service which aims to find out what residents would like from the service in the future. To complete the survey visit:
Stacks Image 291
Posted 14 February 2019

A466 road closure dates for 2019: first phase confirmed

From Tintern Community Council

Monmouthshire County Council have recently completed works at Site 2 (Livox) which have enabled a full survey of the rock face to be carried out to ascertain the extent of the stabilisation works necessary.
With this information, the works on-site are expected to take approximately 7 weeks and the road will therefore be closed for this period week commencing the 8th April 2019.
The road will however be reopened over the Easter Weekend.

Work on Site 1 (Wyndcliffe) will not now take place until September 2019 and it is planned to close the road again week commencing 2nd September for approximately 7-8 weeks. The date and duration of this closure is to be confirmed.
Stacks Image 238
Posted 12 February 2019
Stacks Image 243
Stacks Image 227
Posted 7 February 2019

News from Parva Farm Vineyard

It doesn't seem possible that we are already in the second month of 2019 - it only seems a few days ago that we were celebrating New Year!
The weather so far this year has been very kind with plenty of dry days and not too much cold. We have been able to make good progress with pruning and most of the vines seem to be in good condition. We have put eight sheep in the vineyard to tidy up the grass for us and do a bit of manuring to feed the vines.

Read the complete report from Parva Vineyard.
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Posted 5 February 2019

Chepstow Walking Festival 24th - 28th April 2019

This popular festival has now become firmly established on the UK’s walking calendar. Whether you are a seasoned walker or just enjoy a stroll there will be something in the programme that appeals.

See more here.
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Posted 31 January 2019

Tintern Village Quiz Night on 26th January a huge success!

The Tintern Annual Quiz Night was hugely popular and was sold out well before the event. It raised a brilliant £354 towards funding the Tintern Fete being held on Saturday the 29th of June 2019.

The Fete Committee would like to express its grateful thanks to everyone who took part and to The Royal George Hotel for hosting the event and feeding us so enjoyably with its wonderful curries. The event was also fortunate to have the services of Helen Carter and John Livermore who devised the quiz and ran it on the night and of a great team of helpers.

Congratulations to the winning team, the Catbrook Cats!

A further quiz is being held on Saturday the 23rd of March, this time in Llandogo Millennium Hall. More details will be coming soon.
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Posted 26 January 2019

Wye Valley Hotel display of proposed routes and signage for 2019 closure of the A466 road

Following representations from Tintern Community Council, Monmouthshire County Council has made important new proposals for traffic routes and improved road signs to be implemented during the closure of the A466 while remedial works take place between Tintern and St Arvans at the sites currently controlled by traffic lights.

A display has been put up showing the planned routes and signs at The Wye Valley Hotel and may be inspected there during its usual opening hours.

No firm dates have yet been announced for the works but Tintern Community Council hopes to provide further news on this very soon. It is further hoped that a representative from Monmouthshire County Council will attend a public meeting in the village to explain the works in detail.
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Consultation meetings

Llandogo and surrounding area
Monday, 18th February at 6pm - Llandogo Primary School

Trelech and surrounding area
Tuesday, 12th February at 6pm - Trelech Primary School

All areas daytime drop-in session
Thursday, 14th February from 9.30am to 11.30am - County Hall, Usk

Posted 24 January 2019

Monmouthshire County Council is proposing changes to its secondary school catchment areas

Monmouthshire County Council is proposing changes to its secondary school catchment areas and has launched a public consultation programme with a deadline for responses of Friday, 1st March. If agreed, the proposals will affect primary school pupils living in four areas of the county – Goetre, Trelech, Usk and Llandogo - and any changes will be effective from the start of the 2020/21 academic year.

Anyone wishing to respond to the council’s proposals may complete the council’s consultation questionnaire, which is available on its website - - or attend one of the consultation meetings the council has organised in February.

Councillor Richard John, Monmouthshire’s cabinet member for Children and Young People said “Making a secondary school preference is a really important and emotive decision for parents. Secondary school catchment areas have been largely unchanged since 1996 and there are a number of anomalies. The changes we’re proposing mean that as far as possible, primary and secondary school catchment areas will align meaning peer groups formed in primary school may be less likely to be split up on transition to secondary school. I hope that as many residents as possible will contribute to this consultation by writing or emailing in or attending our public meetings, so we can make an informed decision so catchment areas are fit for the future.”

The consultation report will be published by
Wednesday, 27th March and Monmouthshire’s cabinet will consider the results of consultation and agree how to proceed at its meeting on Wednesday, 3rd April.

Residents with questions on the proposals should email the council’s Access Unit - – or telephone 01633 644508.
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Posted 19 January 2019

A new edition of the Tintern Business Map is being produced. Make sure you are included and that your entry is up to date.

Tintern Community Council are once again in the process of arranging for an update and reprint of the Tintern Business Map as it has proved to be very popular with businesses and visitors.

If any businesses currently advertising in the map wish to make changes to their details, or if there are any new businesses that would like to be featured, please could they notify Phoenix Maps by
Monday 18th February 2019 with the relevant information.

Their email address is
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For more information about Brew Monday and the work of Samaritans please click here.
Posted 17 January 2019

Community hubs to raise vital funds for Samaritans with a welcome cuppa

Three of Monmouthshire’s community hubs will support The Samaritans’ Brew Monday campaign with fundraising events on Monday 21st January.

Nearest to Tintern is the event being held at Chepstow Community Hub from 10am to 12noon with tea and cakes, shared reading and board games.

Monmouthshire Councillor Paul Jordan said: “We’re delighted to support The Samaritans in carrying out such valuable work. Over the last 64 years, the charity’s volunteers have helped save countless lives, but as demand for services grows, they need support now more than ever. Money raised will help keep Samaritans phone lines open and volunteers supporting people in need.”
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Contact Richard on 07447 642872 or James on 07449 217551.

Posted 15 January 2019

New local business: Abbey Maintenance Services

This new enterprise undertakes all aspects of maintenance work for homes or businesses.
They will do everything from fitting your bathroom to mending the outside tap, fitting your kitchen to putting up a shelf, rewiring your house or just fixing the outside light.
Also PAT testing is available.
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Revised planning application for development of The Abbey Hotel site

A planning application has been received by Monmouthshire County Council for the development of the Abbey Hotel site and the following planning notice was been posted at relevant positions in the village to notify interested parties. It should be noted this application replaces a previous application issued in 2012 which has now expired.

The brief for the proposed development is to provide a high quality residential development on land south of the hotel. The development will include the construction of four residential dwellings and the conversion of an existing barn.

The application reference is
DM/2018/01912 and full details can be obtained by visiting and then "View Planning Applications". The closing date for the submission of comments is 23rd January 2019. For further information It should be noted the Tintern Community Council has already discussed the application and their comments can be found on the MCC website.

Posted 10 January 2019
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Council’s area committees to discuss budget and speed management

Monmouthshire County Council’s area committees are due to meet this month to consider budget consultation and speed management as well as other crucial items. Members of the public are encouraged to attend area committees and they are given the opportunity to discuss matters of interest.

The Lower Wye Area Committee will gather as advertised at 10am on Wednesday 23rd January in Chepstow Leisure Centre.

The four area committees are chaired by Councillor Mat Feakins (Central Monmouthshire), Councillor Maureen Powell (North Monmouthshire), Councillor David Evans (Severnside) and Councillor David Dovey (Lower Wye). In a joint statement they said: “We warmly invite the county’s communities to attend the council’s area committees every three months and raise awareness of local issues while receiving important information as well as providing councillors with valuable feedback.”

The agenda for each committee features on Monmouthshire County Council’s website a week before they are due to take place. Visit: for further information.

Posted 10 January 2019
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Take care of your pets on New Year's Eve

Just a note of warning. There'll be celebrations going on in Tintern village on New Year's Eve and some fireworks will be in the mix. So, if you have pets please help them to cope with the bangs and flashes. You can go to this ITV page for some great tips.

In the meantime, Friends of Tintern wish you a very Happy New Year.

Friends of Tintern publishes this website and The Tintern News and also produces the monthly Tintern Film Nights.

Posted 30 December 2018
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Posted 18 December 2018
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News from Parva Vineyard

After such a lovely summer, which really suited the vines, we had a very large crop of grapes to pick. The grapes were ripe earlier than usual and we had beautiful weather for the harvest which made it a pleasant (though tiring) task.

We would like to say a very big thank you to everyone who helped with picking the nearly nine tonnes of grapes. This is the third largest crop we have had in the twenty two years we have been at Parva Farm.

For more on this story, please
click here.

Posted 29 November 2018
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Vacancy announced for Community Councillor

A casual vacancy has arisen for a Councillor for Tintern Community Council to represent Trellech Grange Ward. The vacancy is to be filled by either election (through the request of at least ten electors) or by co-option.

You can view the official notice from the Returning Officer for Monmouth on the Tintern Community Council's
page on this site or at the Tintern Community Council website.

The deadline date for requesting an election is 21st November 2018.

Posted 31 October 2018
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The date for the 2019 Tintern Fete has been confirmed. Anyone interested in having a stall can contact Helen Carter at Music and other entertainment providers can contact Terina Jones at Interested food outlets should contact Vivien Richards at

Posted 25 October 2018
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Monmouthshire parents advised to meet 30th November deadline to apply for secondary school places

Monmouthshire County Council is alerting parents and guardians of children due to start secondary education next September that the closing date to apply for school places is looming.

Children attending Year 6 at primary school will transfer to a secondary school in September 2019, and parents are urged to complete their applications before the 30th November closing date. This will give them the best chance of ensuring that their child attends their preferred school.

Parents resident in Monmouthshire must apply to the council even if their preferred school lies outside the county’s borders (excluding schools in Newport where applications are to be made directly to the city council).

Parents may apply using the council’s online application system. For more information, visit: Alternatively, parents may request an application pack by telephoning the council’s admissions team on 01633 644508 or emailing:

The completion of an application form expressing written preference for a school is a legal necessity set out in the School Admissions Code of Practice. In addition, while each school within the county serves a specific catchment area, parents or guardians can not assume that their children will automatically gain entry. Parents who submit application forms by the deadline on 30th November 2018 will be informed which school their child will attend no later than 1st March 2019.

Monmouthshire’s cabinet member with responsibility for schools and learning, Councillor Richard John said: “It’s vital that parents apply for school places on time. Applications not submitted by the deadline will be considered after those received on time, meaning parents who apply late may be less likely to secure a place at their preferred school - even if they have other children already in the school. I would urge parents to apply as soon as possible.”

Contact the School and Student Access Unit on 01633 644508 or email for further information.

Posted 10 October 2018
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Recycle Week: This is the year Monmouthshire said ‘We Do!’

Pictured, Bryan Jones, MCC Cabinet Member for Recycling and Waste

Monmouthshire can shout loud and proud that ‘We Do’ recycle! In the biggest and best Recycle Week ever, Recycle for Wales is celebrating Wales being the third best recycling nation in the world. Monmouthshire’s recycling rate is holding steady at 68%.

For the 15th annual Recycle Week (24-30 September), Recycle for Wales is celebrating how far we’ve come in increasing our recycling rates and ranking among the top three nations in the world. With a recycling rate of 64%, our next target is to reach 70% as soon as possible and we can achieve this by encouraging residents to make sure they’re recycling all they can from all around the home.

Why? Because Monmouthshire DOES recycle. Because it matters.

Getting recycling right

As a nation we are recycling more than ever before, but it’s important that we get it right. Almost half (49%) put at least one item in the general rubbish bin that could be recycled.

This Recycle Week we’re encouraging all residents to do that little bit more to help Wales become the number one recycling nation in the world.

Here are some top tips for recycling in Monmouthshire:

  • Recycle batteries, rather than putting them in with household waste. There are collection boxes for batteries at all HWRC sites, at MCC community hubs, at schools and at electrical shops. If batteries are placed with household waste, they will be incinerated, and this process can cause explosions and costly damage to the energy from waste facility.
  • Recycle emulsion and gloss paint. Household paints can be recycled at all of Monmouthshire’s Household Waste Recycling Centres
  • Recycle small electrical items such as toasters, phones, mini speakers, and hair dryers. Take them to the nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre.
  • Food waste is collected every week in Monmouthshire and is recycled. From December the food recycling process will generate electricity at our new biodigester plant. We need more local people to join the food recycling revolution as it reduces the smell of the household bin as well as being greener.
  • Recycle paper and card into red bags and plastics, cans and glass into purple bags.

Residents sometimes wonder why all the bags are then loaded into the back of the same lorry and compressed together. Paper and card is of higher value when it is kept separate from other materials. Concerns are sometimes raised that the bags break open when they are compressed in the back of the lorry. The compression is done carefully to make sure there is enough space on the lorry to collect everyone’s recyclables, and the materials are not damaged by this treatment.
Next spring collections will utilise new lorries, materials will be kept separate. This is hoped to encourage even more people to recycle and gain increased confidence in the recycling process.

Unsure about how to recycle a specific item? Recycle for Wales’s Recycling Locator can show you exactly what needs to go in the recycling bin where you live.

Recycle. Monmouth does. Because it matters.

What and how we recycle really matters. Recycling an item rather than throwing it in the general rubbish bin means that it will be dealt with in the most environmentally-friendly way, keeping materials in use and out of the environment.

Catrin Palfrey, campaign manager for Recycle for Wales, said: “Increasingly people in Wales are recycling all they can from all around the home and our world rankings reflect this. Here in Monmouthshire it’s no different – more and more of us are recycling, so thank you for doing all you can and keep up the good work! Together we can help get Wales to number one.”

Cabinet Member for Recycling and Waste Bryan Jones said “Monmouthshire people are brilliant at recycling, and we are consistently in the top 3 counties of Wales for our recycling rates. There are always more materials that we could recycle more of – especially food. We have some big changes coming up for our recycling service. In the spring our new recycling lorries will be on the road, keeping the materials that local people carefully sort more separated, increasing their value and recyclability.”

To find out more about Recycle Week, and to use the Recycling Locator to find out what to recycle where you live, visit

Posted 25 September 2018
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Superb Turnout for the Macmillan Wye Valley Mighty Hike on 4th August 2018

On a very hot August Saturday, intrepid walkers of all ages and abilities took up the challenge of walking 26 miles along the Wye Valley between Monmouth and Chepstow to raise funds for the Macmillan Cancer Support Trust. Out of over 850 starters, 708 walkers reached the finishing line with smiles on their faces despite aching limbs. Well done to all the walkers (including those who didn't quite make it to the end) and the to all the people making donations to this very worthy cause. It is forecast that several hundred thousand of pounds will have been raised.

You can find out more about the work of Macmillan Cancer Support here.

Posted 6 August 2018
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New homes coming to Tintern

Monmouthshire Housing Association (MHA) are proud to be building three much needed affordable homes for social rent in Tintern. The houses, which will consist of two 2bed and one 3bed family homes, will be located in the Angiddy Valley.
Every effort was made to ensure the design of the new homes matched the surrounding properties and blended in with the local area. After winning the tender to build the new homes, contractors Kingfisher Developments (Wales) Ltd started on site in May. The properties have started to take shape, with groundworks will be completed in the next few weeks. It is hoped the 3 homes will be completed by February 2019.
As part of the development contractors Kingfisher have installed a permanent noticeboard, so the local community can keep to date with the latest updates about the development.
MHA is committed to keeping those in the communities we work in up to date with what we are doing. If you have any questions please contact Development Surveyor, Katie Knill on 0345 677 2277.

Interested in renting one of these three new homes? Don’t miss out on your chance to apply when bidding opens. Register your interest with Monmouthshire Homesearch.
As a rural exception site, anyone interested in renting one of the new homes will need to have a local connection to the area.
For more information visit
Alternatively call 0345 900 2956 to speak to the friendly Homesearch team.

Posted 30 July 2018
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White Monk expands provisions range

The White Monk Gift and Tea Shop has expanded to include further provisions for Tintern Village. They have installed a larger fridge and is now stocking staples such as milk, butter, cheese, eggs, orange juice, bacon and sausages.
This is a welcome service to the village, since otherwise you have to travel further afield when you run out of the basics.
The White Monk is welcoming suggestions for other items that we would like to see stocked.
For more about the White Monk caf
é and gift shop please click here.

Posted 30 July 2018
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Duck Race Winners

The annual Tintern Duck Race took place on Sunday 3rd June and despite a delay caused by one of the supporting canoes capsizing (the canoeist was somewhat wet but otherwise OK), the ducks were successfully launched from Brockweir bridge. Onlookers were able to follow the plucky ducks all the way along the river bank in superb weather conditions to the finishing line at St Michael's church where refreshments were served by the fete committee. Proceeds go towards the cost of running the Tintern Fete being held on Saturday, 30th June 2018.

Congratulations to Richard Jackson on winning the top prize of £100 and to our other prizewinners, William Noble and Deborah Stock. And, of course, massive thanks to everyone who took part.

Posted 04 June 2018
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Follow-up to the Wye Valley River Festival's Museum of the Moon in Tintern

Tintern was host to the dramatic Museum of the Moon during the recent River Festival and the Tintern Festivals Association has made a compilation of the poetry read during the 'Meditations on the Moon' event at the Abbey.

Click here to see the poetry compilation.

Posted 01 June 2018
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Tintern War Memorial proposal. Is anyone interested?

Tintern resident and Community Councillor Alan Hillard is putting forward the idea of Tintern having its own war memorial and is seeking opinion and ideas from other villagers. Alan has proposed the following:

I know there is no Tintern War Memorial, but in this hundredth year since the end of hostilities of the Great War, then perhaps Tintern should do its bit in remembrance of those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

I would like to see a large piece of Forest sandstone erected in St Michael’s Churchyard, featuring the names of those we wish to remember engraved on a Brass plate.

We should also have a ‘Virtual Memorial’ on the village website where we can tell the stories of those we remember.

I am not a Tintern ‘Local’ and so do not have that fund of knowledge that comes with being born here. However I do think that Tintern should remember those who laid down their lives and I would be grateful to hear from anyone who would be interested in helping me further the idea of a War Memorial or who can add to the stories that they know about those who made the supreme sacrifice.

If any one has other ideas on this subject please let me know.

Alan Hillard can be contact by email at

Posted 16 May 2018
Wye Valley River Festival logo
The Wye Valley River Festival comes to Tintern, Monday 14th to Sunday 20th May

From 5th to 20th May 2018, the Wye Valley River Festival is returning and promises to be bigger and better than ever.

Two weeks of arts, entertainment, wonder and spectacle will be flowing through the riverside towns and villages of the Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), as artists and communities celebrate the river and its wonderful woodlands.

Tintern is playing a major part in the programme, including displaying the Museum of the Moon which is a unique and amazing lunar art installation by international artist Luke Jerram. As night falls, a 7-metre wide fusion of lunar imagery and moonlight, suspended high in the ruins of Tintern Abbey, will be illuminated, accompanied by a surround sound composition from BAFTA and Ivor Novello award-winning composer Dan Jones. Using imagery from NASA, each centimetre of the sculpture represents 5km of the moon’s surface.

Moon_art_bristol copy

The Museum of the Moon will be presented at the iconic Tintern Abbey, in partnership with Cadw, between Monday 14th and Sunday 20th May 2018.

Other Festival events in Tintern include:

Tuesday 15th May 7.30pm, A Moon Talk presented by the Tintern Philosophy Circle in Tintern Village Hall prior to visiting the Museum of the Moon at Tintern Abbey.

Wednesday 16th May, Pilgrimage Walks to the 'Moon'. Choice of 3 walks from the Kymin (11 miles), Chepstow (6 miles) and Brockweir (2 miles) all starting from the Forge Road car park with transport to the starting points. ( for timings refer to Events section)

Thursday 17th May 7.30pm, Passing the Baton. Live music and theatre in the Abbey.

Friday 18th May, 6.30 to 10pm, Picnic night in the Abbey. Join the community of Tintern to celebrate the Museum of the Moon. Bring a picnic and enjoy an evening of entertainment.

Sunday 20th May 7pm onwards, Moon Bathing in the Abbey. A guided meditation with poetry readings.

Please click here to see details of all that is happening in Tintern. You can visit the River Festival website to get news on what is happening across the whole Festival.

Posted 13 April 2018
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THE ANNUAL VESTRY MEETING of the Parish will be held on Tuesday, 8th May, 2018 at 7.00pm for a 7.30pm start in St. Michael’s Church. This meeting will be Chaired by the Reverend David McGladdery, Area Dean of Monmouth.

All lay people whose names are on the Electoral Roll of the Parish are entitled to speak and vote and are strongly urged to attend the Meeting.

Posted 21 April 2018
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Lower Wye Area Committee Meeting

As part of its widening of democratic participation, Monmouthshire County Council is holding a meeting at Chepstow Leisure Centre on Wednesday 25th April 2018 at 10.00am.

Of special interest to Tintern residents, Included in the Agenda is: A466 St Arvans to Tintern - the present and the future. The impact of the removal of the Severn Bridge tolls will also be discussed.

A full agenda is available here from the Monmouthshire County Council website.

Posted 21 April 2018
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The Christening of Alice Kay Carter

A family gathering together with a great number of friends at Tintern Village Hall following the Christening of Alice Kay at St Michael's Church, Tintern. A fantastic food spread was put on and there was a very beautiful baby to admire. Congratulations to the proud parents, Rhiannon Haf and Joe Carter.
Posted 8 April 2018
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The Tintern News

Pop over here to read the latest issue of The Tintern News so that you don't miss anything affecting the village.
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Friends of Tintern is selling its Ricoh MP4000 Photocopier with Booklet Maker. £250.00 or near offer.

Friends of Tintern are disposing of their photocopier. It was used regularly up to one month ago to produce the Tintern News. Now that production has passed to a commercial printer, there is available this Ricoh MP4000 Mono Copier plus integrated Booklet Maker. It copies 40 pages a minute and is in perfect working order, having been maintained from new by the supplier. Buyer to collect. Contact Allan Reid

Posted 7 April 2018
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The Royal George has changed hands

The Royal George Hotel, Tintern is now owned and managed by Harriet Babbage and Richard Secular who until recently had the stylish BroadRock B&B in Woodcroft, near Chepstow.

The Royal George has a temporary web page
here and much more detail on its new food offering and plans for the future will appear there and on its page on this site in due course.

Posted 31 March 2018
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A466 to reopen on Thursday 29th March 2018

County Councillor Ann Webb has emailed to say the road between Tintern and St Arvans should be open on Thursday 29th March with traffic-light control.

Tintern Community Council has commented further:

"Following the recent temporary closure of the A466 by MCC, we have been notified that the road will be open again by Easter, but will probably be operated with temporary traffic lights. We understand that there will be a further road closure later in the year to finish essential work at the sites.

We realise that residents have been unhappy about the recent closure and inadequate signage of diversions. If you have any suggestions how future closures can be more effectively implemented or any specific issues you wish to raise please contact us in time for our meeting on the 30th April."

Posted 28th March 2018
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Special Easter services at St Michael's Church, Tintern. For details, please click here.
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Seen outside the village hall

The incredible creature Maisy, found wandering outside the village hall on Wednesday 21st March with her friends Kim (left) and Illy. They're getting ready for their Easter weekend at Raglan Castle. You can find out more about Maisy and her friends on the Los Kaos website.

Posted 21st March 2018
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2018 Tintern Fete news

They’re Back!
Yes, the fabulous Rock Choir, who were such a hit last year with their sparkling musical programme and wonderful voices have been signed up to open the fete again this year. The only difference - we will get to hear more of them. They will be singing for three sessions throughout the afternoon instead of two. You can never have too much of a good thing!

Take a look at what's coming up at Tintern Fete
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CADW is changing local resident passes.
Local resident Pass holders will need to exchange them for Cadw Monument Passes.
See details on the Cadw website.