Tintern Community Council

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What does a community council do?

Community councils are the part of local government closest to the people. They serve the smallest areas and are responsible for the most local of matters. Very importantly, these councils can “precept” – raising a sum collected with the council tax each year to improve facilities and services for local people.

Community councils have a number of basic responsibilities in making the lives of local communities more comfortable, many of which are often taken for granted. Essentially these powers fall within three main categories: representing the whole electorate within the community; delivering services to meet local needs; and striving to improve quality of life in the community.

Individual powers include the provision and maintenance of community transport schemes, traffic calming measures, local youth projects, tourism activities, leisure facilities, car parks, village greens, public lavatories, litter bins, street lighting, street cleaning, burial grounds, allotments, bus shelters, commons, opens spaces, footpaths, bridleways, and crime reduction measures.

Community councils can also comment on planning applications – they are statutory consultees (they have to be consulted if they so wish) and can be represented at public inquiries.

Further information about Tintern Community Council can be found at the Council's website.

Community Council Meetings 2018

Monday 26th March
Monday 30th April
Monday 21st May
Monday 25th June
Monday 30th July
Monday 20th August
Monday 24th September
Monday 29th October
Monday 26th November

The monthly TCC meetings start at 7pm and are held in Tintern Village Hall. The public is welcome to attend and we have a public forum at the beginning of each meeting where issues can be raised. For further information and any queries about TCC matters, please contact the Clerk (Liz Greatorex-Davies) at clerk@tinterncc.co.uk

Community Council Members


Chapel Hill Ward
Steve Evans, 5 Parva Springs, NP16 6TY. Phone 07879 815561. Responsible for Llandogo School and the Council's website.
Vivien Richards, Upper Leytons, NP16 6SD. Phone 01291 689244. Responsible for planning.
Stephanie Shewell. Chair and responsible for Tintern Charities.

Tintern Parva Ward
Anthony Hayward, Wye View, NP16 6SQ. Phone 01291 689695. Responsible for Lower Wye Valley Buildings Preservation Trust.
Alan Hillard, 3 Parc Glade, NP16 6TX. Phone 01291 689772. Responsible for Lower Wye Area committee meetings.
John Hoskins, 2 Botany Bay, NP16 6SN. Phone 01291 689656.

Penterry Ward
Lindsay Cobb, Quay House, NP16 6tB. Phone 07717 496369. Responsible for the village hall.

Trellech Grange
Stephen Pocock, The Fountain Inn, NP16  6TH. Tel. 01291 689303.

County Councillor
Ann Webb, Home Farm, NP16 6QW. Tel. 01291 689559. Email annwebb@monmouthshire.gov.uk.

Clerk to the Council
Elizabeth Greatorex-Davies, The Poplars, NP16 6NP. Tel. 01291 689861. Email clerk@tinterncc.co.uk
Elizabeth Greatorex-Davies, Clerk to the Council
01291 689861