Tintern Garden Club

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Tintern Garden Club is a village association with approximately 40 members who have a shared interest in the Tintern Community, gardening, handicrafts and local wildlife.

The  Tintern Garden Club (previously known as the VPA) was part of a county-wide affiliation of garden clubs, all of which had strong links with the Agricultural College at Usk. The year 2000 saw the County Organisation close down due to there being insufficient interest in running the organisation among the participating VPAs. However, Tintern Garden Club has continued to operate independently within the village.

As a garden club, we have monthly meetings in the Village Hall, on the third Friday every month from January- April and September- December, starting at 7.30pm. We have an invited speaker each month with a range of subjects such as travel, flower arranging, wine making, bees in the garden, wildlife etc. In the summer months we visit two gardens instead of having indoor meetings and also have a garden party at a member’s garden. The highlight of our year is the Village Show held in August when we hold classes for vegetables, flowers, pot plants, cookery, handicrafts and photography. This is open to all village residents including children. We are also planning some day outings to gardens a bit further afield and possibly some workshops held in members gardens about specific problems such as pruning or potting on orchids and other indoor plants.

We are always happy to see new members (the subscription is great value at just £10 per year) and non-members are also always welcome to come along to meetings for a charge of £2. For more information about Garden Club, contact Jane McCorquodale on jane.mccorquodale@talk21.com or 01291 689919 – or come along to the next meeting to become our newest member.

The committee for 2019 is Colin Dudley (Chairman), Sue Hassell (Vice Chairman), Bernard Bradshaw (Treasurer), Terry Morrison (Programme Secretary), Dave Tuffery (Show Secretary), Carole Ostler (Minutes Secretary) and Lindsay Cobb (Publicity Officer).
Colin Dudley
01291 689636
email parvafarm@hotmail.com

Chairman’s Report January 2019

2018 kicked off with the talk & demonstration by Clyde Hoare on Basket Making. This talk prompted us to book Clyde for a half day course later in the year to make a forage basket. In March Henry Hodge gave an interesting talk about hidden Chepstow, encouraging us all to pay more attention to our local buildings and heritage. In April Marion Stainton explained how raised beds can work in gardens and we now have a couple of these that Dave constructed on the ground by the Filling Station Café. Last year tomatoes, chard, beetroot and leeks were grown and there is also a herb wheel please do help yourself to the herbs. In May we went to Coleford to look around Meadow Cottage Garden. The evening was delightfully warm so we were able to have our tea and cake sitting outside. For the Garden visit in June we went to Rockfield Park where I was amazed by their vegetables - much further advanced than mine. Also in June we had the plant stall at the village fete this was very popular with the buyers. However we do rely on donations of plants and garden related items so if you are planting up any seeds or dividing plants grow a few extra for the fete. It is a great opportunity to promote the club to the villagers and visitors and makes us a bit of money as well which goes towards the cost of the speakers.
July’s Garden Party was held at the Vineyard, many thanks to Colin and Judith for hosting this. August we had the Annual Show which Dave will talk about later. September the talk was about Fred Hando and although I was not there I gather it was good. October saw Wendy Conway come back and talk about their latest photographic trip to South Africa. We rounded off the talks for the year with Alan Parker telling us how sundials work I did not realise how decorative and varied they can be. Then in December we had our usual Christmas party.
Many thanks to Terry Morrison for providing us with such a varied & enjoyable programme, and to all of you for coming to the meetings, entering the competitions and providing the teas.
The new Garden at the hall is coming along courtesy of funding from TAP and volunteers from the village hall and garden club. We do need to work on the next phase this Spring and cut back quite a few more of the shrubs and honeysuckle so look out for dates in the newsletter.

Show Secretary’s Report for 2018

This year’s show had a record number of entries and entrants. There were a total of 348 confirmed entries, up on last year’s figure of 295. The breakdown was:-

Garden Club show 2018 winners

Only two classes did not have any entries being Ball dahlias and Short carrots.
A total of 60 people put in entries of which 21 were members of the garden club, 9 were adult non-members from the village and 30 were children. This shows that opening up the show to non-members in the rest of the village has been worthwhile as there has been a steady increase in entries in the last six years.
The room was quite full of entries with the new hall stage units being successfully used as additional table space. We also had a good number of people, both local and passing tourists who came through the door to have a look and have some tea and cake. Thanks to those that helped on the day and before with stewarding, baking cakes to sell and serving teas etc. All in all a good team effort. It was an excellent show case for the village and the talents of the residents.
The long standing judge for the cookery section, Mary Cook, has finally decided to hang up her apron and retire from judging. Apparently it was only our show that she still judged. A card of thanks signed by the members has been sent to her.
I am prepared to do another year as show secretary, if there are no other takers, but I hope that someone else will step into the breach the following year.

Dave Tuffery, Show Secretary