Tintern Festivals Association

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The purpose of the Tintern Festivals Association is the enhancement of the social, cultural, economic and environmental life of Tintern and the surrounding area by organising village community festivals. These are organised through a committee comprised of members of the local community.

Chair John Clarke 
Secretary Vanessa Dodd 
Treasurer John Livermore 
Herbie Giradet
Barbara Giradet
Vivien Richards
Village Fete Sub-Committee
Chair/Secretary Vivien Richards 
Treasurer John Livermore
Andrew Reid
Terina Scheeres 
Helen Carter
Jessica Carter-James
Alan Carter
Ben Ford
John Topp
Lucy Slaughter
Nichola Foreman (The Anchor Inn)
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Ways to Peace Festival, September 2018
On the 21st and 22nd of September 2018, a Multicultural "Ways to Peace" Festival took place in Tintern Abbey as a contribution to the International Day of Peace designated by UNESCO. For more details on the content of this Festival please click here.
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Follow-up to the Wye Valley River Festival 2018
Although the River Festival is primarily organised and sponsored by The Wye Valley Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Tintern Festivals Association had important inputs into the Festival's presence in Tintern from the 14th to the 20th of May. We thought it worth following up with a record of the poetry which was presented during 'Meditations on the Moon' in the presence of the Museum of the Moon in Tintern Abbey.
The Museum of the Moon? What was that?
The Museum of the Moon is a unique and amazing lunar art installation by international artist Luke Jerram and was installed in Tintern Abbey as part of the two-week long River Festival celebrations. Using imagery from NASA, each centimetre of the sculpture represents 5km of the moon’s surface. As night fell, a 7-metre wide fusion of lunar imagery and moonlight, suspended high in the ruins of the Abbey, was illuminated, accompanied by a surround-sound composition from BAFTA and Ivor Novello award-winning composer Dan Jones. This acclaimed art installation can be caught again globally, arising again soon in Glasgow, Liverpool, France (Scene Nationale de Gap), Philadelphia, (Kimmel Centre), Edmonton, Canada (Muttart Conservatory), and Pecs, Hungary (Zolnay Light Festival).
Meditations on the Moon
This programme of meditation and poetry was held on Sunday 20th May. To view the poems, please use this link.
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Village Fetes
In 2012 it was decided to hold a village fete to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee year and to do this a sub-committee was formed under the umbrella of the Festivals Association to organise it. Owing to the success of the fete it was agreed this should be made an annual event and fetes have been held from 2013 to 2019. More information about Tintern Fetes can be found by following this link.
Past events sponsored by the Tintern Festivals Association
September 2018 'Ways to Peace' Cultural and Peace Festival
June 2018 Traditional Village Fete
June 2017 Myths and Legends Village Fete
July 2016 Medieval themed Village Fete
July 2015 American themed Village Fete
July 2014 Pirate themed Village Fete
July 2014 Sacred Site and Sound event in Tintern Abbey and St Michael’s church
May 2014 Wye Valley River Festival
July 2013 Teddy Bear themed Village Fete
June 2012 Diamond Jubilee Village Fete
September 2011 Week long Michaelmas Festival
2017 and 2018 Fete Reports
The Tintern Festivals Association has prepared reports for the 2017 and 2018 Tintern Fetes which can be viewed below. Their main aim is to provide evidence of the use of funds to grant-makers who kindly supported the event but it also gives an insight into how much organisation is required to put on a successful fete each year.
(Please refresh your browser if the reports are not visible).
John Clarke
01291 680139
email jjclar7@aol.com
For all Tintern Fete enquiries:
Vivien Richards
01291 689244
email vivien.richards@yahoo.co.uk