Tintern Village Hall

Recently decorated and with new curtains, acoustic panelling, and a built-in projection and surround sound system, Tintern Village Hall is an ideal venue for community events. It is in regular use by village groups but can also be hired by individuals for private events.
Tintern Trail 2022 Answers.
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  1. Opposite the turning to the Abbey, a postbox sits in the wall next to a roadside seat for three. Which monarch was on the throne at the time? EDWARD
  2. According to the plaque on the wall by the Abbey, in which year was brass first made near this place by alloying copper with zinc? 1568
  3. What used to be stacked by the river and exported to produce tannin to cure leather? BARK
  4. The Tea Rooms gives you a clue as to what colour robes the Abbey monks wore. WHITE
  5. The pub is named after what part of a ship’s equipment? ANCHOR
  6. What is the creature above the doorbell at Quay House? DRAGON
  7. Which Welsh expression is on the sundial at the Village Hall? AMSER YN HEDFAN (Time Flies)
  8. How many miles is it from The Filling Station Café to John O’Groats? 726 MILES
  9. What is Forge Road in Welsh? HEOL YR EFAIL
  10. Which Welsh saint has a house named after him on Chapel Hill Lane? ST TEWDRIC
  11. Up on the hill are the ruins of a chapel dedicated to which saint? SAINT MARY
  12. What used to be housed in the building which is now the GP surgery? POLICE STATION
  13. At Abbey Mill, what is the nautical-themed name of the building with outside stairs going up to its porch on the upper floor? ABBEY MILL BOAT HOUSE
  14. What is the name of the bridge? WIREWORKS BRIDGE
  15. How many piers does the bridge have? (not including the one on each bank) TWO
  16. Across the bridge, in England, what is the name of the farm on your right hand side? FERRY FARM
  17. Which cottage has a plaque to Edward VII dated 1903? WYE COTTAGE
  18. What shape is cut into the window shutters of the Rose & Crown pub? HEART
  19. Which famous religious reformer is named on a cottage on your left? WESLEY
  20. Two stone creatures look down on you as you pass. What animal are they? DOGS
  21. What is the Asset Number of Tintern Main Sewage Pumping Station? 31405
  22. At Tanglewood, what is the postbox number? NP16 441D
  23. St Michael’s Church is built on the site of an ancient Celtic church. When was that ancient Celtic church founded? 765AD
  24. In the Church, we find that Herbert Hilary died at Ypres in 1915. What were the names of his parents? CALEB AND ROSE COY
  25. Which four people lie in one grave with a sea-faring tribute? JOHN FRYER, MARY BOWEN FRYER, LOIS MARY, SARAH MARSH
  26. According to the brown sign, how far is it to the Old Station? ½ MILE
  27. What is the name of the vineyard up the hill? PARVA FARM VINEYARD
  28. How many chimney stacks can be seen on the Wye Valley Hotel? FIVE
  29. You pass a house on your right. What is the roof material? TILES
  30. What is the house name on the gatepost to your left? BARBADOES MEADOWS
  31. What shape is the metal drain/manhole cover? RECTANGLE (divided into four triangles)
  32. The house named The Retreat is painted which colour? WHITE
  33. What is the name of the next house, linked to a Caribbean island? BARBADOES COTTAGE
  34. What colour is the wooden gate in the stone wall? GREEN
  35. The next house shares a name with the nickname of Alcatraz prison in California. THE ROCK
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The hall can be booked via the Bookings Secretary, Noelyn Allen, on 07512 856024
Email: BookingsTinternVH@hotmail.com
To view PDFs of the Booking Form and Conditions of Hire please click here.

Tintern Playground Appeal
We are fundraising to help redevelop and renew the outdoor playground and community garden at Tintern Village Hall and we are building towards our target of £52,000. More information and a link to our Just Giving page can be found here.

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Regular weekly meetings include
Ladies Badminton Monday mornings
The Church Lads and Church Girls Brigade on Monday evenings at 6.30pm
Badminton Wednesday evenings
Zumba Wednesday evenings
Tots Group Thursday mornings
Zumba Friday mornings
Football & Cricket matches Saturdays
Regular monthly meetings include
Tintern Film night 2nd Friday of the month at 7.45pm
Tintern Garden Club 3rd Friday of the month at 7.30pm
TCC last Monday of the month at 7.00pm

Check the events page/relevant village group page for current programmes.

During the year a number of ad-hoc events are held at the hall including
Table Top Sales
Garden Club Produce and Craft Show (August)
Tintern History Group (quarterly meeting)
Christmas and Easter Bingo
Birthday Parties/Family celebrations


The Village Hall is managed and maintained by an elected Committee.
Helen Carter, Chair
Lindsay Cobb, Treasurer/TCC representative
Stephanie Shewell, TCC representative
Delcie Simpkin, Minutes Secretary
Alan Carter, Church Lads' and Church Girls' Brigade representative
Jack Davies, Football and Cricket Club representative
Noelyn Allen, Bookings Secretary
Nicky Creswick
Chris Shewell
Rod Adshead

Tintern Village Hall Layout
Tintern village hall plan
Noelyn Allen
07512 856024