Tintern History Group

The Tintern History Group was formed in 2014 to encourage awareness within the community of local history, especially facets outside of the Abbey.

As with all villages, or the countryside between them, there will be people whose interests or work are bringing to light previously hidden, or not recently seen aspects of our past: buried walls in the garden or field, bricked-up old doorways or windows hidden by plaster, boxes of old letters or photos of the family or community. Researches in the local archives of Gwent, Gloucester, Hereford, or further afield including items tucked away in Tintern itself can also bring to light long lost information about the area.


The intention of the History Group is to maintain a forum whereby the people of Tintern can exchange and discuss information concerning its history and are willing to share it with others. This could include written documents, photos, maps, plans and artefacts such as pottery, ironwork etc.  Group meetings are arranged on a three monthly basis in the Village Hall. Findings and ideas are aired in three, usually 15 minute presentations from members. Anyone is welcome to attend with the topics to be discussed listed on this website and the relevant Tintern Newsletter for the month.  


It is the intention to gradually build up an archive of information and file it on this page. Some work already done is summarised in the printable PDF documents below.
Adrian and Elsa Wood
01291 689253