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Remembrance event for Gem, 16th April 2022
I was very moved to be asked if I would wish to document an event to remember Gem on his birthday. It showed great trust and that means a lot to me.

Gem died during the covid shut down. His parents, relatives and friends could not show him the closure/ respect/love they would have liked.

This love radiated in the churchyard of St Michaels Church in Tintern. Parents, relatives, friends walked from the station, along the river bank, collected flowers and then stood in comparative silence around the grave. It was very dignified and moving. Jimmy sang a song in very tender and hushed tones, I am not a believer but I was extremely moved, I felt all was the church at its prime.

For me this is the best of photography usage. The recording of an important happening for posterity.
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Tintern Wine Tasting, 7th February 2022
Wine has been produced for thousands of years, there is concrete evidence of ancient wine production in Georgia from c. 6000 BC.

Wine basically makes itself. Leave a grape unattended it will be attacked by a microscopic mushroom called yeast. The yeast turns the sugar in the grape into heat, carbon dioxide and most importantly, alcohol. Over time producers have learned to control the process to make wine better.

I am teetotal - a word I don’t like, it seems slightly smug.

I put out the post for help in restarting my exploration of life in my village, Tintern. The first reply I got was a positive one from ’Tintern Wine Tasting’. The meeting was held in St Michaels church - somehow wine in a church seemed appropriate. 16 members arrived. In theory they were all to individually decide which wines were which among three white, three red. I found the rituals of smelling and looking intriguing but what I most liked were the smiles and laughter. Not only a wine club but a social club. That must be good.
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Torchlight Carol Service at Tintern Abbey. Saturday 4th December 2021
A good starting project. After not having taken many pictures in the last eighteen months, I was nervous, practice makes perfect and lack of practice shows.

However the vibes during the Christmas Service are always uplifting. What ever your religious beliefs, or none, there is something magical about mass singing within the grounds of our extraordinary Abbey. I was surprised by the turnout, I have no accurate idea how many, but I am guessing at least a thousand - including dogs. I was not overwhelmed by faces from the village - I suspect most participants were from farther afield.

Presumably because of some Covid-19 rule the event was held on the periphery of the main structure. The main background singing was by the enthusiastic ‘Wyedean School Choir. The whole was organised by, and I think rather well, Chepstow & District Rotary Club.

I am glad I attended and feel better for it. Sadly I left early - annoyingly I get tired.
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David Hurn becomes recipient of the 2021 Lucie Award for Achievement in Documentary

David Hurn has been recognised by The Lucie Awards, the premiere annual event honouring the greatest achievements in photography. The photography community from around the globe pays tribute to the most outstanding people in the field. Recipients normally receive their Lucie statues during a spectacular evening at the Lucie Awards in New York. This time round in October 2021, however, Covid required that the event was held online. Some of David's work in recording village life in Tintern can be viewed further down this page.
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A renowned Magnum photographer records Tintern village life.

World-renowned photographer David Hurn has a longstanding international reputation as one of Britain’s most influential reportage photographers. He lives in Tintern and has recorded much of what happens in the village over a period of several years.
Let David know if you have a Tintern family or group event coming up. He would love to photograph it - at no cost.
He is very happy to be invited to any village event or to family occasions such as special birthdays, anniversaries, reunions, baptisms and weddings (although of course not as the 'official' photographer but as an observer). He can be contacted by phone on 01291 689358 or by email hurn@tintern.u-net.com.
David has already recorded his reflections on many village events, including those shown below.
Maybe you are a young aspiring journalist?
Here's a golden opportunity for any young person, possibly even still at school, who would like to find out by 'doing' whether reportage is likely to be, for them, an interesting profession. David would be very happy to work with young people, one at a time, to be with him at individual events. If you are interested, you can get in touch with David using the contact details above.
Would you like to help in going through his village photographs and devising some captions?
As David Hurn's Tintern village collection builds up there is a danger that details regarding individual photographs will eventually become hard to recall. If you are interested in David's work and would like to get involved, do get in touch with him. You could be making a valuable contribution to the social history of Tintern as well as having the chance to work alongside a celebrated photographer.
Remembrance Service, 14th November 2021
I have gently eased back into photographing in Tintern again.
My first recording was of the REMEMBRANCE Service held on Leytons Field, on 14th November.
It was very tender and moving.
I found myself tentative, I was affected.
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Picnic at The Museum of the Moon, Tintern Abbey, Friday 18th May 2018
I am nearly clear of talks and workshops so am slowly returning to shooting pictures.
A good starting point was ‘The Museum of the Moon’ held in Tintern Abbey as part of the Wye Valley River Festival.
Apparently, Admiral John Byng - a Royal Navy officer who was notoriously court-martialled and shot dead by a firing squad. - wrote in the 18th century, ’The way to enjoy Tintern Abbey properly … is to bring wines, cold meat, with corn for the horses; bread, beer, cider and commonly salmon … and spread your table in the ruins’.
Good advice. Fun was had by many picnicking in the grounds. On hand was a large sculpture by Luke Jerram of the moon, suspended high in the Abbey itself, very impressive.
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The Christening of Alice Kay Carter, 8th April 2018
No sooner had I decided to renew my photographing happenings in Tintern village than Joe Carter immediately invited me to a Christening in Saint Michael's. What a perfect re-start. The ceremony was exceptionally well attended. Much joy all around. I know so many friendly faces - but my memory allows for few remembrances of names. Food in the village hall after was amazing.
Jubilee Celebrations 2012
Halloween Night 2012
Torchlight Procession at the Abbey December 2012
Young Children’s Christmas Party 2012
Children’s Christingle Service 2012
Over 60s’ Christmas Lunch 2012
Tintern Ladies Literary Circle zip wire event March 2013
Tintern Film Night March 2013
Village Produce Association Flower Arranging Demonstration April 2013
“Bracken bashing” in St Mary’s Churchyard May 2013
Duck Race May 2013
Dog Show June 2013
Tintern Summer Fete July 2013
Christening at St Michael’s July 2013
Folk Festival July 2013
Village Produce Show August 2013
Sung Vespers in Tintern Abbey September 2013
Victorian Day at The Old Station September 2013
Toy Service at St Michael’s December 2013
Abbey Torchlight Carols December 2013
Christingle Service
Children's Christmas Party
Seniors' Christmas Lunch
Christmas Lunch with Friends
Brigade Band Weekend
River Wye Festival
John Allen funeral
School Reunion
Brigade Acivity Weekend
New Historians meeting
Nora's 10th
Summer Fete 2014
Dog Show
Folk on the Lawn
Sacred Sight & Sound Festival St Michael's
Sacred Sight and Sound Festival July 2014
Golden Wedding July 2014
Sung Vespers Nov 2014
Theo Klinkert's baptism, November 2014
…and some older photographs from the 1970s