Kingstone Brewery

Our aim is to produce authentic artisanal beer, essentially simple but undeniably good.

Kingstone Brewery nestles in the picturesque Wye Valley, just down the road from Tintern Abbey, where monks first began brewing in the 12th Century. It was purchased by Ed Biggs and Ed Popham-Holloway in 2007 with the objective of producing an authentic artisanal product. Something essentially simple, but undeniably good.

We take traditional recipes and use the best raw ingredients to give a naturally tasty and satisfying result. Each ale in our range of eight has its own character but they all share the same authenticity of process and flavour. We believe that sticking to traditional methods gives a beer we can be proud of. Beer that is unfiltered, uncompromised and unashamedly real.

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It is in our main brewing room that the magic happens, under the expert eye of Mark, our Head Brewer. Our beer then spends time in the all important conditioning room before it is ready to be drunk. Buy our full range of ales right next door in Meadows Farm Shop (also see “Shops” on this website) where you will also find a great selection of cheeses, chutneys and other artisan products.

Five years on, we feel more passionately than ever that our beer is a product to be proud of. But don’t take our word for it. Experience it for yourself ! Visit the brewery for a free tasting, sign up for a Brewtour (also see What to See and Do on this website) or shop online for our full range of ales.

Please visit our comprehensive website for full details of our beers, brewery tours, testimonials and news.
Ed Biggs and Ed Popham-Holloway
Kingstone Brewery, Meadows Fam, Tintern, Monmouthshire, NP16 &NX.
01291 680111